Star Wars reveals latest May the 4th merchandise

These new items have been showcased in the "March to the Fourth" campaign.


Star Wars fans' favorite day of the year, May 4th, is slowly but surely approaching. To celebrate, Star Wars has released its latest merchandise!

Star Wars has left a mark with its Imperial March campaign and March to the Fourth, leading up to May the 4th. Not only will this day be a great celebration of Star Wars as it always is, but this year, we're also celebrating the 25th anniversary of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. In anticipation of Star Wars Day, Disney released a sneak peek at some of the products available for purchase and celebration of the day and The Phantom Menace's anniversary.

In the spirit of commemorating Episode I, there's a line of Darth Maul-themed Collectibles available for purchase. These include limited-edition hoodies, T-shirts, lightsaber collectibles, and more. This roster of Darth Maul merchandise will be available at the Disney Store, Walt Disney World Resort, and Disneyland Resort on May 4.

Along with Darth Maul merchandise, you can summon your inner Sith Lord by having his very own lightsaber hilt. For Star Wars Day, there is this limited edition collectible, with only 7,000 being made, available for purchase. Although this is enough to geek out alone, it also comes with a box that isn't only great for presentation but is aesthetically pleasing with lights and a piece of Duel of the Fates playing. Like any good lightsaber, the Dual hilt also has sound effects and lights up when you attach legacy lightsaber blades. You can get more details on this item at

Shifting gears from Maul and going into the classic appreciation of Star Wars, there are also Star Wars art pieces by artist Will Gay. Gay has pieces in a whimsical, light-hearted art style featuring different Star Wars locations and characters. Gay's pieces are available in many different types of merchandise, from home decor to more. These pieces will be available at Disney Parks on April 3rd and on the Disney Store on April 8th.

We are eagerly anticipating May 4th products, including collectibles. With the Imperial March campaign, many Star Wars products will be released in March with nonstop Empire themes.

Hasbro, Amazon, LEGO, Funko, Home Depot, and even TruMoo are getting on the Star Wars trend and releasing tons of products for Imperial March. Hasbro has more Empire action figures than you can count, Home Depot is ahead of the curve, releasing Darth Vader Christmas decorations, RockLove is rocking new Empire-themed jewelry and accessory sets, Popsocket has a death star you can put on your phone, and even TruMoo has Star Wars themed blue milk.

Along with these branded collectibles, you can get nearly a whole closet's worth of merchandise, like Imperial March and Star Wars t-shirts, May the 4th-themed hats and jackets, Star Wars print buttoned shirts, an admiral Thrawn bomber jacket, and many more. And once you're done getting comfortable in your Star Wars garb, relax on the couch and read one of the many new Star Wars books as you snack on popcorn from the new salvaged stormtrooper helmet bucket accompanied by some home-brewed dark side coffee.

Another great era of merchandise for Star Wars fans is rising, from beverages to apparel to action figures. As we March to the Fourth through the Imperial March, there seems to be something for every Star Wars fan.

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