The Acolyte: Dive into some of the funniest memes from the two episode premiere

The Yord Horde has risen! Let's take a look at the best memes to come out of The Acolyte's two episode premiere.
Star Wars: The Acolyte Season 1 Yord. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Acolyte Season 1 Yord. Image Credit: /

Oh fandom, I love you when you're silly. While Star Wars: The Acolyte is quite the serious show, that doesn't mean that a fandom won't do fandom things. Already the memes are flowing, the Yord Horde has been established, and the inside jokes are being built up.

Let's take a look at some of the best memes from The Acolyte's two episode premiere.

He's just Yord, and he's enough! And he's great at doing stuff!

Thanks, Brad from Friends of the Force podcast. I've had "I'm Just Ken" in my head all day. But the similarities are dead on, though.

Yord has become an instant fan favorite character, with his fans already calling themselves the "Yord Horde." The Jedi Knight has spun out a slew of memes about him and him alone. Sometimes, like Twitter user @CH0PPENHEIMER says, it's just because Yord is doing "Yord things." Content warning, this video has swearing in it but it's very much a gem as the Nintendo Wii music plays in the background.

Step aside Mando! A new Dad is in town!

Lee Jung-jae is already crushing it as Jedi Master Sol. He's the heart of the series, crushing this performance. However, what is a Star Wars show in the Disney era if it doesn't have that dad energy. And just as Twitter user @hellikait perfectly notes, Sol is Dad now.

This one is self explanatory

The Acolyte is a noir-inspired mystery with the assassin Mae hunting four Jedi in revenge. This hilarious edit by @PunchitChewie77 captures it well.

Smuggler's Run

Listen, as someone who recently rode on Smuggler's Run at Galaxy's Edge for the first time and was one of the pilots, it's harder than it looks! I'm 100% sure a kid would have done far better than me, @candaceisageek.

We are all Rosa Diaz

Ahhhh the Rosa Diza meme is a classic. I always look forward to this old favorite from Brooklyn 99 to pop up at some point when a new show comes out. @spencerbarrett chose the right character too, because Pip is the best little droid who must be protected at all costs!

Drop it like it's fuzzy hot

I am so out of my mind excited to see Jedi Master Kelnacca grace our screens. While not the first Wookiee Jedi, he will be the first in live-action. I truly want to see Joonas Suotamo make this character his own. Like @ahsokasgoggles shares in this tweet, the joy I felt in the final moments of episode 2, "Revenge/Justice," made me want to dance too.

Fandom, I adore you. Keep on meme-ing and having fun out there.

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