Star Wars The High Republic: What is Starlight Beacon?

Here's what you need to know about Starlight Beacon, one of the most important set pieces from Star Wars: The High Republic.
Starlight Beacon shines in the Disney and Star Wars series "Young Jedi Adventures." Photo Credit:
Starlight Beacon shines in the Disney and Star Wars series "Young Jedi Adventures." Photo Credit: /

As the High Republic era becomes increasingly integral to Star Wars, it's good to know about prominent locations from this time period, with one of the most important being Starlight Beacon. The creation and destruction of Starlight Beacon are among some of the most significant events in the High Republic timeline.

About 200 years before The Phantom Menace, the Republic built a massive space station in the Outer Rim known as Starlight Beacon. As the Republic expanded and explored new worlds, the station served many purposes. As one of Chancellor Lina Soh's "Great Works," it was meant to be the Republic's symbol of hope and unity, bringing the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim worlds closer together.

Starlight Beacon sent out signals that could help travelers navigate through space and improve communication networks throughout the Outer Rim. In addition to being an unparalleled communications center, Starlight had its own Jedi Temple, research station, medical center, and exhibits showcasing various cultures and worlds throughout the Republic, among other state-of-the-art facilities. It could also become a military station and safe haven during times of crisis.

It acted as a base of operations for the Jedi Order and the Republic Defense Coalition, allowing them to be more directly on the front lines to help and protect those in need for the ever-growing Republic and the expansion into the Outer Rim. The Jedi Council appointed a member of the Order, Master Avar Kriss, to be the marshal of Starlight Beacon as well.

When it was finally time to open Starlight Beacon, a dedication ceremony was held, attended by Jedi and dignitaries from across the galaxy, an event seen in the novel Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule and the animated television series Young Jedi Adventures.

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Chancellor Lina Soh (Justine Lee) and Jedi Master Yoda (Piotr Michael). Image Credit: /

For a while, Starlight Beacon operated as intended and lived up to the promise of its name. Unfortunately, with Starlight being such a strong symbol of the Republic and the Jedi, it became a target for the villainous marauders known as the Nihil. Their leader, the cunning and ruthless Marchion Ro, engineered a plan that allowed the Nihil to infiltrate the station and destroy it from within.

The plan was ultimately successful, with many Jedi perishing amidst the chaos, although many lives were saved as well. The Republic, the Jedi, and much of the galaxy were left stunned and horrified by what happened as the Nihil proved they were far more dangerous, calculated, and organized than the mere band of marauders many believed them to be.

The story of Starlight Beacon's destruction is primarily told in the novel The Fallen Star by Claudia Gray, in The High Republic comics by Cavan Scott, and in the Trail of Shadows comics by Daniel José Older. With Starlight literally snapping in half due to the Nihil's sabotage, the novel largely tells the story of what happens to the characters aboard one half of the station while the comics tackle the story of the other half.

Since The Acolyte takes place about a hundred years after the fall of Starlight Beacon, the station will not appear or play any kind of major role in the live-action series. However, since The Acolyte is set during the High Republic era, and even features Vernestra Rwoh, a character whose past is deeply connected to the tragedy surrounding Starlight Beacon, there is always a possibility that it could be mentioned. There may be parallels between Starlight being targeted and Jedi being targeted and killed by dark side users in The Acolyte, with both of these systematic attacks happening at a time when the Jedi seem invulnerable.

Starlight Beacon has an enduring legacy that affects stories not only during the High Republic. The station is mentioned and remembered by characters in stories set centuries later in the timeline. It is a reminder of what the Jedi and the Republic achieved when they were arguably at their best, a time largely filled with hope and optimism. Starlight's destruction was also a cataclysm that significantly altered the trajectory of the Jedi, the Republic, and the entire galaxy.

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