The Bad Batch: Did Omega's influence make Dr. Emerie switch loyalties?

Omega and Dr. Emerie Karr proved that blood is thicker than water.

Lula the Tooka Doll. Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Image credit:
Lula the Tooka Doll. Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Image credit: /

Star Wars has shown the impact children can have on people around them. Children like Omega and Grogu have had a positive impact on everyone who knows them without even trying. Omega's optimism and persistence changed Crosshair, and now the two have formed a bond. However, he may not be the only one to be moved by her innocence.

Something similar and equally surprising is the evolution of her relationship with Dr. Emerie Karr. Omega believes all clones are her family, and Crosshair tries to tell her that this is not the case. Not everyone is her friend and not everyone has the same interests at heart. At the beginning, it seemed as though Crosshair was right, but by the end of The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 3, "Shadows of Tantiss", everything has changed.

Emerie is the only female clone Omega knows apart from herself. She hopes that they can form a sisterly bond. On the surface, Dr. Emerie doesn't seem interested in forming any kind of bond with her sister as she has a job to do for the Empire. She's aware of what the Empire could do to Omega if she's caught doing something against the rules. Emerie tries her best to keep a headstrong girl like Omega in line, so the Empire doesn't make things harder for both of them. Her insistence that Omega follows the rules seems like her attempt to keep her job, but underneath it is a genuine concern for Omega.

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It seems hard to read her thoughts, but Dr. Emerie makes her attachment towards Omega clear when she returns Omega's Tooka doll, which she confiscated earlier, to her. The Empire has strict rules against anyone holding onto personal belongings, but Dr. Emerie makes an exception for Omega, who's too upset to notice. She didn't have to do this, but it reveals that she truly cares about Omega. Now that Omega and Crosshair have escaped, you have to wonder if Dr. Emerie is next.

Will she reconsider her loyalty to the Empire, and has Omega's influence changed her beliefs? The Bad Batch would happily take her in as another member if she decided to join them, and Omega would welcome her with open arms.

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