The Bad Batch season 3, episode 8 recap: Welcome back, [Spoiler]!

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "The Return." Omega. Image Credit:
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This recap includes full spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 3, episode 9 "The Harbinger"

The Bad Batch Season 3 episode 9, “The Harbinger,” is here. Let’s recap everything you missed in this exciting episode.

It’s a foggy day on Pabu when we open. Wrecker is helping the locals with a grumpy Crosshair. Hunter joins to briefly remind the audience why we’re here: They are waiting back from Fennec Shand from last week’s episode “Bad Territory.” The bounty hunter has a contact who knows what an M-count is so they can find out why Omega is so important.

On the beach, Omega plays with Batcher when they come up to a cavern. Batcher very clearly isn’t happy about whatever is in there, so of course, Omega is going to go check it out—which Batcher does not want, and she waits behind at the entrance.

Inside, Omega finds a ship…

And out of the darkness struts fan favorite character from The Clone Wars, Asajj Ventress!

Hunter, Crosshair, and Wrecker come down to the beach, where they see Batcher panicking. They race to find Ventress, promptly kicking Omega out of her cave. She tells the Batch that she’s the one that Fennec sent. Hunter is wary because they never gave Fennec their coordinates. She wants to know why they’re asking recklessly about M-counts.

Omega lies with the classic “We’re asking for a friend.” Ventress vaguely explains Midi-chlorians to them (Happy 25th anniversary, The Phantom Menace!) and that people with more M-counts are usually Jedi. Omega blurts out, “You’re saying I’m a Jedi!?” Ventress explains she’s not because Omega has never been trained. However, the Empire will come for the kid.

Ventress starts to leave, but Omega stops her, begging to be tested so she finally knows what she is. Ventress agrees to help.

Instead of doing this in the scientific way that Omega is used to, Ventress starts her test by making Omega balance on a slippery rock with a piece of fruit on her head. Meanwhile, the brothers are cheering her on because they’re the best.

Omega asks Ventress if she’s a Jedi, to which Ventress dryly answers no. While their training continues, Crosshair arrives. He’s checked Tech’s files, figuring out it’s Asajj Ventress. They have no idea why a former Separatist assassin is helping them. So of course, they jump to the worst case scenario.

Omega’s next test is to retrieve a white blossom from the tree at the very top of Pabu before the sun sets. As the sun is already going down, Omega races off. She snags Batcher along the way to ride.

Alone, Ventress warns the other clones not to attack her or else. Hunter wants her to leave. They pull their weapons on her, but she uses the Force to rip their blasters from their hands. So, a fistfight breaks out instead.

And Ventress promptly best the three of them.

Round two ramps up as Crosshair gets his rifle and kicks Hunter and Wrecker their blasters.

During all of this, Omega gets to the tree, finds the white flower she needs, and hops on Batcher to race back.

As shots ring out and Ventress pulls her new yellow lightsaber, Omega arrives to see Ventress Force choking Wrecker, Crosshair is knocked out, and Hunter is held at lightsaber point. Times have changed, and Ventress explains she’s not their enemy anymore. That’s the Empire, and it’s way more dangerous than anything they saw in the Clone Wars.

The Batch retreat to their ship to debate their new Ventress problem. Of course Omega wants to trust Ventress while her brothers think people can’t change. Omega point-blank calls out Crosshair for his redemption arc. Omega is giving Ventress a chance.

The next day, Omega comes with Batcher and finds Ventress by the water. Omega thinks Ventress actually likes the Batch. It’s time for her third test. The two of them hop into a boat and head out to the ocean. Ventress stops them well out in the water, telling Omega to reach out for everything.

Meanwhile, of course the Batch is spying from afar with their binocs.

Omega is frustrated that nothing is happening. Ventress explains that this is different from being a soldier. Showing by example, Ventress summons a school of fish. Which, in turn, pulls a much bigger fish with long tentacles to their boat.

The women are knocked out of the boat while the rest of the Batch gets to the Marauder. Ventress saves Omega when she’s pulled underwater.

The clones fire on the creature, which makes it even madder. Omega tells them to stop, as Ventress can handle the beast. Ventress reaches out to the Force, calming the critter. It sets her back down with Omega and swims away. The rest of the Batch comes and picks them up.

Later, at Ventress’ ship, Ventress tells them that she doesn't think that Omega has a high M-count, so that might not be why the Empire is after her. For right now, they still don’t have an answer. Omega leaves with Wrecker.

Left with the other two clones, Crosshair calls out Ventress for lying to Omega. Ventress tells them to leave Pabu and that they’re not safe there. With that, Ventress heads on out of there, bringing “The Harbinger” to an end.  

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