The Bad Batch season 3, episode 11 recap: 'Point of No Return' is right

Hunter's going to be sooooooooo mad at Crosshair!

Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Hunter on Pabu. Image Credit: The Walt Disney All Access Pages
Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Hunter on Pabu. Image Credit: The Walt Disney All Access Pages /

Star Wars: The Bad Batch caught up with Emerie Karr in the last episode, but now it’s time to return to the Batch. With an ominous title like “Point of No Return,” it will be a big one. Let’s recap everything you missed in episode 11.

We open on a space station with a ship arriving. It’s Phee Genoa and her droid MEL-221, stopping to refuel. In the shadows lurks Clone-X2, hunting the pirate. Clone X-2 hacks into Phee’s ship, stealing some data. Phee gets the feeling something is wrong, but Clone-X2 sneaks off before she can find him.

The clone checks the data in his ship and finds Pabu's location. He calls Commander Scorch to have some troops on standby.

We hop over to Pabu, where Clone Force 99 are packing up to leave the planet. Omega chats with her friend, Lyana, and both girls are sad that she has to leave, at least for right now. As per Pabu tradition, Omega can leave a treasure. She leaves Tech’s goggles and her Tooka doll, Lula, so a piece of them is still at their home.

While everyone is distracted and loading the Marauder, no one sees Clone-X2’s ship arriving on the scanner. He conveniently lands in the same cave that Asajj Ventress used in “The Harbinger.” Maybe plug up that cave, guys. He heads on out to look for his target.

Back in town, Hunter sees Pabu’s birds acting strange. He calls Omega for them to go. It’s too late, though. Clone-X2 has seen Omega and calls in Scorch to send his troops.

Clone-X2 shoots detonators onto the Marauder from afar, which Wrecker notices at the last moment. He snags Gonky and runs! Caught in the blast, the two of them are thrown into the ocean. The Marauder is now destroyed along with their way off the planet.

They pull Wrecker and Gonky out of the water, but he’s in bad shape. We see the return of the clone cadets from “Paths Unknown,” with Hunter giving them commands to help Wrecker. Then, they hear the arrival of a bigger ship. The Empire has arrived on Pabu.

The people of Pabu flee as stormtroopers and Clone Commandos move in, destroying all sea vessels and escape routes. Omega blames herself, but Hunter is quick to say this is all the Empire's fault. They make a plan to steal a gunship to contact Echo. Hunter goes after the ship while Crosshair and Omega head to Shep’s to get Wrecker, who is getting medical treatment.

Shep, the mayor of Pabu, confronts Clone-X2, demanding answers. Clone-X2 threatens Shep, saying they will burn Pabu to the ground to get Omega. So, he better comply with their search or else.

While heading to Shep’s home, Batcher goes after some stormtroopers. Crosshair grabs Omega to continue on their way. They get to Shep’s to find Wrecker unconscious but stable, thanks to their droid friend AZI.

Meanwhile, Hunter sneaks into the market and hops on a gunship, causing a bit of a ruckus. Clone-X2 comes out and doesn’t shoot Hunter: He shoots the stormtrooper flying to purposely crash the ship. Hunter hops into the ocean just in time.

Troopers are moving in on Omega and Crosshair. She wants to be captured to spare Pabu. She will leave her comm on and be purposely captured so the Batch can finally track her back to Mount Tantiss. Crosshair comes up with every excuse to avoid this idea, pointing out they'll search her for a comm. Omega tells him to focus on the bigger mission and that this is her choice.

Omega turns herself in and meets with Clone-X2 and the stormtroopers. They scan her for tracking devices, which she hands over. Crosshair moves out for his part of the plan.

Hunter swims up to the beach, finding Batcher.

Clone-X2 calls his ship over, leading Omega onto it. Crosshair tries to shoot a tracker onto it but is ambushed by stormtroopers. He misses his chance to target the ship with a tracking device. With no way of following her, Omega is once again captured by the Empire.

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