The Bad Batch season 3, episode 13 recap: That was stressful!

"Into the Breach" was by far the most stressful episode of the season!
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 episode 12 "Juggernaut." Omega. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 episode 12 "Juggernaut." Omega. Image Credit: /

This article has full spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 3, episode 13 "Into the Breach."

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3, episode 13, “Into the Breach,” barrels headfirst towards the finale as Clone Force 99 teams up with ex-Admiral Rampart to find Omega. Let’s recap everything you might have missed.

For the second week in a row, we open with some pretty ominous music at Mount Tantiss. Omega wakes up in her cell, and it’s time to make some friends. She heads over to Eva, the girl who tried to befriend Emerie Karr back in episode 10, “Identity Crisis.” Eve is also holding onto the Lula toy Emerie gave to her in the episode.

Jax and the other kids come over to join them. Sami is the Pantoran, and Bayrn is the baby Cad Bane took from his mom in episode 10. Omega is trying to get some information from them about how much the guards, droids, and scientists watch them. It’s not a good answer. The kids are always being watched, making it hard to plan for escapes.

We hop over to the abandoned Kaminoan testing facilities from Season 1. Rampart is pitching a fit because he’s all proper and doesn’t like being kept hostage and is whining, whining, whining. He’s given them all the info he knows about Tantiss. However, the Batch holds onto him until they get the exact coordinates.

Echo arrives in a stolen Imperial shuttle full of supplies they need. The group again questions Rampart now that Echo is here, and they have to dock with a specific station over Coruscant. The directions will go straight into their navicomputer to get to Tantiss. Echo confirms half of Rampart’s story, but they don’t know if the rest is true.

Regardless, they form a plan to get in, and the biggest key part is Rampart. He can walk right into the station with the Batch as his “security detail.” Rampart is miffed because they give him a captain’s uniform as a disguise. “I was a Vice Admiral!” he replies snootily. None of the Batch cares about his annoyance, and they head out on their mission.

Back on Tantiss, Emerie is taking Omega’s blood sample. While Emerie is distracted, Omega swipes a tool from Emerie’s tray and hides it in her sleeve. The music swells with a more inspirational tone, and it’s clear Omega is starting to form a plan.

Though, it should be noted this scene could be read as Emerie giving the tool to Omega. It's a little unclear if Emerie is helping or not. Just keep that in mind for later episodes.

Omega goes to the other kids and starts asking questions. When do the droids come to take their vitals? Do the troopers come into the room? She lets them know she’s gotten out of this mountain once before. Omega plans to bust out of this place, taking all the kids with her.

There are panels in the walls of the kids' rooms with tubes inside of them. She wants to access the tubes to see where they go. Until she gathers this information, she can’t complete her escape plan. She just needs a distraction, which is where the other kids will come in.

Meanwhile, one of the other scientists, Dr. Scalder from earlier seasons, questions Emerie about letting Omega intermingle with the other kids. Emerie quickly shuts her down, pulling rank on her.

Back with the Batch, they strip their armor of their designs and paint to try and blend in. They arrive at the station over Coruscant, and it’s time to start the mission. Wrecker stays with the ship, while Hunter, Crosshair, and Echo go with Rampart.

They immediately meet with the hanger master, who quickly realizes this is an unauthorized landing and the Batch’s armor isn’t standard. Rampart swoops in like the haughty Imperial he is, claiming it’s all classified and can be taken up with Tarkin if there is a problem. That shuts the hanger master up.

They walk uneasily through the station's hallways to the control room. They slip into the room, and Echo gets to work looking for the codes to Tantiss.

However, the hanger master from earlier isn’t done. He returns to their ship to question Wrecker. He’s noticed that their ship appears to be stolen. So, Wrecker knocks him out and warns the others.

Echo gets into the system, and he finds a science vessel that is going to Tantiss. However, there is a problem. The ship will only get the coordinates after it launches, not before as they hoped. Hunter wants to sneak on the ship. Rampart didn’t sign up for that, especially since the ship will have extra security. Echo realizes that he can sneak onto the ship. He will get on the science ship and disable the proximity alarms so Hunter’s shuttle will attach to it to hitch a ride to Tantiss. Everyone heads out for the most dangerous part of the plan so far as the team splits up.

Hoping back to the kids on Tantiss, Omega is ready to enact her plan. However, Scalder, who questioned Emerie before, notices the kids looking suspiciously at each other. She heads down into the vault. Omega is able to take one of the panels off to look up the tube shaft and slips it back on before Scalder arrives.

Scalder leaves, and Omega rejoins the kids. She has found a way out.

Back with the Batch, Echo slips onto the science vessel, goes up the droid loading hatch, and avoids detection from a Clone Commando. Hunter launches their shuttle, zooming for the science vessel. Echo starts to deactivate the science ship’s sensors, but the Imperials have picked up his activity on the bridge. They head down to check it out.

Echo stuns the trooper and gives the bridge the all-clear. At the last second, he comes through to disable the proximity sensors of the science ship. Hunter attaches his shuttle to the ship, and they are finally hitching a ride to Tantiss.

This is where “Into the Breach” comes to an end.

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