The Bad Batch season 3, episode 7 recap: The waiting Wolffe

Setting up future stories in Star Wars Rebels is fun

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "The Return." Omega. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "The Return." Omega. Image Credit: /

This article has major spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 3, episode 7 "Extraction."

Star Wars: The Bad Batch's third season continues with episode 7, “Extraction.” We last left off with the Batch, Captain Rex, and his clone troopers trapped in their base on Teth. A mysterious Imperial shadow trooper is targeting Omega. Imperial reinforcements led by Commander Wolffe, who is not his nice self from Star Wars Rebels yet, are closing in.

Let’s recap everything that happened in the episode.

The shadow clone limps out of the wreckage of the bombed Teth monastery while the Batch and Rex are on the other side of the collapsed door. They are all trying to find a way out. Rex leads them into a secret tunnel. They want to get to their ship a few levels down. It doesn’t have a hyperdrive, but they can call Echo for backup.

The Imperial backup arrives with Wolffe and Clone Commando Hilo. Wolffe immediately realizes that the so-called “insurgents” they’re hunting are clones. He also clashes with the shadow clone as they move in to find Omega. The shadow clone flat-out ignores Wolffe’s orders to trap in the Batch, going after Omega himself. Wolffe heads down to the midpoint of the Teth temple and moves in from below.

Crosshair stops our heroes, realizing they’re getting pinned in. He engages in a shooting contest with the shadow clone while Rex, the Batch, and the others go on ahead. However, the shadow clone slips away.

The heroes get to the leech ship and launch out of there. But the shadow clone takes out their engines, and the clones crash land in the jungle. Wolffe is unhappy with the shadow clone’s actions, which are jeopardizing the mission. They troopers fly out to search for the Batch, Rex, and Omega, who have moved out on foot to rendezvous with Echo. Again, the shadow clone heads out on his own to find the heroes.

Meanwhile, Howzer softens a bit of his hostility towards Crosshair thanks to how Crosshair’s care for Omega. The sniper isn't the cruel man he was on Ryloth anymore.

One of the Imperial ships corners our heroes, and they need to fight through the Empire’s line to get to their extraction point. They throw out smoke bombs to help slip through. Crosshair shoots down the shuttle, and they quickly move back out again.

However, the shadow clone is still on their trail, taking out one of Rex’s men, and pinning them in a corner. Crosshair decides to pull the shadow clone’s fire and the two get in a shootout near a waterfall. It shifts to a fistfight as they both fall into the river and over the falls.

Further downstream, the fight continues between Crosshair and the shadow clone. Just when it looks like the clone is about to drown Crosshair, Howzer shows up, stunning the baddie. The clone goes over the waterfall, and the group saves Crosshair.

They arrive at the extraction point and wait for Echo. It’s not Echo that arrives as Wolffe’s second shuttle swoops in. Wolffe comes out to face them.

Rex and Wolffe immediately recognize each other. Rex puts his blaster away to talk. Wolffe thought Rex was dead (which is a nice line up with his story in the Ahsoka novel by E.K. Johnston). Rex says he’s not fighting against the clones, against Wolffe. He’s fighting against the Empire, which is imprisoning and experimenting on their clone brothers. Rex asks Wolffe to stand with them. Rex implores Wolffe to think about his orders. Is it really okay to hunt a child?

Echo is arriving with Gregor, landing just behind the heroes. It’s time for Wolffe to make a choice.

And Wolffe stands down, letting them go. With that, the heroes fly off to safety. Wolffe wants to bury Rex’s men who died in the battle. Commando Hilo doesn’t understand, calling Rex’s men traitors. Wolffe says that clones at least deserve a burial.

Also, the shadow clone survived his waterfall drop.

On Echo’s ship, Rex tells Hunter that he needs to find out why Omega is so important to the Empire. They will keep coming for her regardless, so it’s best to know why, which is where "Extraction" ends.

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