The Bad Batch: Who did Fennec contact at the end of "Bad Territory"

Did Fennec Shand betray Hunter and Wrecker at the end of Season 3, episode 8, "Bad Territory"?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "Bad Territory." Fennec Shand. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "Bad Territory." Fennec Shand. Image Credit: /

Working with Fennec Shand always involves the risk that she'll betray you—unless you're Boba Fett, of course.

In The Bad Batch Season 3, episode 8, "Bad Territory," Hunter and Wrecker may have made a bad deal with Fennec. We'll soon find out if they'll have to pay for it. Although the duo came through on their end of the deal by helping Fennec capture a bounty she was after, in return, she doesn't fulfill her promise to get them information on why the Empire is after M-Count targets.

Instead of the information, Fennec tells them she'll contact them eventually. The episode ends with Fennec calling someone and giving this person information on Hunter and Wrecker's location. This mystery person could possibly help Hunter and Wrecker by giving them intel on M-Counts and why they're important to the Empire. However, it seems likelier that she betrayed the duo.

The real question now is who did Fennec contact at the end of the episode? In all probability, it's another bounty hunter and could be someone like Cad Bane or Asajj Ventress, both confirmed to be in Season 3 from the trailer. But there's also an outside chance that the person she contacted works for the Empire. It might be someone like Dr. Hemlock or Dr. Emerie Karr. Nala Se, who previously hired Fennec to bring Omega back after she was kidnapped by Cad Bane, could be likely. However, Nala Se is in Imperial custody at the moment, so probably not.

Fennec is a gray character, but she let Omega go in the past and seemed friendly toward her. So, we hope that for Omega's sake, whoever she contacted will be helpful to Hunter and Wrecker and won't cause them more problems. Fennec knows Omega's brothers care about her, as she attempted to gather information about Omega's whereabouts. There are still quite a few years left until The Book Of Boba Fett, where Fennec is a generally positive character. For now, she's unpredictable, so the person she contacts can be someone who causes trouble.

We'll put our money on it being Asajj Ventress, as she is bound to show up sooner rather than later. We're already more than halfway through the season, so the chances of this person being Ventress are high. However, if it turns out to be someone like Hemlock, then things are about to get very ugly.

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