Will Boba Fett appear in Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

The Clone Wars season 2. Photo courtesy of StarWars.com.
The Clone Wars season 2. Photo courtesy of StarWars.com. /

Omega’s recent discovery in the ninth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Bounty Lost,” specifically how her genetic material is valuable to the Kaminoans, sets the stage for a few exciting things to potentially happen down the line.

First, assuming Hunter told her the truth about Jango and Boba Fett after she asked how she’s different from the rest of the clones, we imagine this is going to set some things in motion for her. Her name was something that was assigned to her, similar to how Boba was code-named Alpha before Jango renamed him. The truth about her background might inspire her to adopt a new name for herself as a way to take control of her own identity and destiny.

Second, Omega is aware she’s valuable, and she knows Lama Su desperately wants her genetic material. He sent the infamous bounty hunter Cad Bane after her, so she understands Su means business. Knowing she’s a clone with first-generation DNA doesn’t have to be a hindrance. What if Omega uses her value to her advantage?

Perhaps she uses it to make a deal to protect her newfound family. Or, having witnessed the horrible reality behind the cloning facility on Bora Vio, what if she decides to help the clone children still growing in tubes on Tipoca City? Whatever the case, it’ll be interesting to see how Omega uses this new knowledge about herself.

Third, this could open the door for a fan-favorite character in green Mandalorian armor to return to the animated scene.

Omega’s connection to Boba Fett

We last saw the animated version of Boba Fett in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode “Bounty,” alongside his bounty hunter syndicate, Krayt’s Claw. He also showed up in Christie Golden’s Dark Disciple, carrying out a job for Asajj Ventress. And there were several unfinished episodes of The Clone Wars that focused on Boba.

While The Bad Batch centers around Clone Force 99 and Omega, this recently-revealed connection between Omega and Boba could potentially result in a guest appearance. It’s possible Boba could catch wind of Omega’s existence through bounty hunter chatter (or maybe he’s aware she already exists), but the idea of Boba entering the scene could send shockwaves throughout social media, especially since his own series, The Book of Boba Fett, debuts later this year.

That said, if Boba were to appear in The Bad Batch, would he be a friend or foe? Would he see Omega as a connection to his father? Or would he think of her as a threat to his position as Jango Fett’s only child? Would he see her as family? Or would he only accept her as a pale imitation of the original?

One thing we know for sure, Boba was portrayed as a man of honor in The Mandalorian, and we saw hints of that in The Clone Wars. If he and Omega cross paths, we like to think he’d approach her with the same care and acceptance his father showed him when he took young Boba under his wing.

Do you think we’ll see Boba Fett in The Bad Batch? How do you think he would react to Omega? Let us know in the comments below!

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