The Bad Batch: Will we get Quinlan Vos?

Quinlan is one of the biggest question marks of missing Jedi after Order 66
Quinlan Vos (Al Rodrigo) from Star Wars The Clone Wars. Image Credit
Quinlan Vos (Al Rodrigo) from Star Wars The Clone Wars. Image Credit /

When I wrote about Jedi I wanted to see in upcoming Tales of the Jedi seasons and brought up Quinlan Vos, I didn't know at the time that I might have gotten the wrong show. This all changed with the Season 3 trailer for The Bad Batch revealing that Asajj Ventress was back.

We last saw Vos with Ventress in the novel Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. Since then, there have been hints of the missing Jedi. We know from the most unhinged Topps card that I have ever seen how he survived the Jedi purge. In Charles Soule's comic run of Darth Vader, Vos is on the list of Jedi being hunted by the Imperial Inquisitors. The most significant look at what Vos has been up to was in Obi-Wan Kenobi when his old friend Obi-Wan found Vos' name carved into the walls of the Path's safe house. Vos was active in helping the group save Force-sensitive children. We really don't know what he's up to since then.

Ventress' arrival opens the door for Quinlan Vos as well. Dark Disciple was made from scrapped scripts from The Clone Wars. While Ventress supposedly met her demise there, Dave Filoni never meant for her death to stick as he tried to resurrect her before. As Vos has had multiple cameos in a post-Order 66 world, Ventress' return could also bring him back into the fray. The two characters are tied so closely together, thanks to being romantically involved in Dark Disciple. Ventress saved Quinlan's life, supposedly sacrificing her own. If he gets word that she is back, perhaps he seeks her out. Or, for all we know, they could already be working together when we see her in the trailer.

What if they're the founders of the Path for Obi-Wan Kenobi? An ex-Sith Apprentice and a Jedi in hiding coming together to fight against the Empire is a fascinating story. It would build on Ventress' redemption while showcasing Quinlan's morally gray qualities. It could be an angle that ties in well with The Bad Batch's narrative. The series started with Hunter letting go of Caleb Dumb (who becomes Star Wars Rebels' Kanan Jarrus) to save his life. Season 2 brought us Gungi, the Wookiee youngling from The Clone Wars Season 5 kids arc. Force users have been in the series the entire time, with the Batch assisting where they could. It could be a beautiful story to see these clones right the wrongs of Order 66 by helping to establish a network to save the future of the Force by creating the Path with Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress.

Quinlan Vos is a character primed to have some sort of screentime. Whether it's in Season 3 of The Bad Batch, Tales of the Jedi, or another show entirely, it's time for this Jedi to step out of the shadows.

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