Come Write for Dork Side of the Force


Help us, Star Wars fans. You are our only hope.

Well, that’s probably a bit dramatic. But we do need some help, “we” being the new editors of Dork Side of the Force: Elaine Tveit and myself.

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Both of us are excited to take over the site after it was handled splendidly by former editor Daniel Berry. But while both Elaine and I love Star Wars and are only too happy to dedicate our time to bringing you the latest news, rumors and discussion, we can’t cover everything. And unfortunately, we can’t clone ourselves, either.

So we need people like you, who love to write and read and talk about Star Wars all the time, no matter what the topic.

Maybe you devour the latest rumors and scoops about The Force Awakens and want to share your thoughts. Maybe you’re an avid reader of the books and comics, and you’re frustrated by the lack of coverage. Maybe you have some thoughts on how to improve The Old Republic. Maybe you think the prequels are better than the original trilogy, in which case we’d like you to see a doctor (just kidding).

No Star Wars topic is off-limits. All we’re looking for is well-written, informed analysis and discussion about a galaxy far, far away.

At Dork Side, we understand that everyone has commitments, and we always take those into consideration. Staff writers are expected to produce 1-2 posts every week, although we’ll never refuse additional content. You can write about any topic you’re passionate about, and us editors will be sure to communicate with you to make sure you’re getting the help and guidance you need.

Writing experience is preferred, especially if you’ve written about pop culture or Star Wars in the past, but it’s not a requirement.

Still interested? Good. All you need to do is fill out an application here, and await a response from us.

Thanks for reading, and as always, may the Force be with you.

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