Star Wars: Battle Pod Video Game Can Be Yours for $35,000


If you’ve ever imagined piloting an X-Wing during the Battle of Yavin, or flying a speeder bike through the forests of Endor, you can now purchase a video game that will make your dreams come true and let you do that from the comforts of your own home – provided you have a spare $35,000 on hand.

The Japanese video game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment is selling home setups for the arcade game Star Wars: Battle Pod that launched this past January. The game allows players to participate in famous battles from the original trilogy, along with a special bonus fight that’s not in the films. Players sit in a large booth with a huge screen and pilot their craft using the controls located in the booth.

Obviously, this kind of hardware doesn’t come cheap, hence the large asking price (which, by the way, doesn’t include shipping, and god knows how much that’ll be.)

But if you’ve got more credits to spend than Jabba the Hutt, there’s a way you can get even more bang for your buck. Bandai Namco is also selling a premium edition for $100,000, which comes with authentic leather seats, a plate with your name engraved on it, and even your name in the game’s end credits (presumably spelled SUCKER). You can get this setup in a Rebel Alliance or Darth Vader design as well.

The game will be available starting June 18, so hopefully you’ve saved every single one of your paychecks throughout your entire life.

If any of you were at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim last month, you may remember there were several of these game set up. The line was too long for me to play them, but they seemed pretty fun and immersive.

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There’s also a bonus level called Vader’s Revenge that depicts a battle not seen in the films that immediately follows the Battle of Yavin. Apparently you get to play as Vader in his TIE Fighter trying to stop the Rebels from salvaging a “superlaser” from the wreckage of the Death Star.

Personally, I’m more inclined to shell out a few quarters to play this game once in a while at a local movie theater. Come to think of it, I’ll probably take a spin on it while I’m waiting outside in line for The Force Awakens – although by the time we reach December, I may have spent more than $35,000 on Star Wars merchandise anyway.

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