Star Wars: Possible Release Dates for Post-Force Awakens Books


One of the most exciting aspects of the resurgence of Star Wars content is the new influx of literature, not just in the comic book world but also in the form of short stories and novels.

We already know plenty about what’s slated for the “Journey to The Force Awakens” campaign, but now some new information is emerging about some print content to be released after the new movie.

Jedi Bibliothek (via Jedi News)has uncovered some dates for books set to be released next year. The site has found listings at a German retailer for a “young adult novel” for The Force Awakens that should be released on Feb. 16. The book is reportedly 128-page paperback and will cost about $6.99.

It’s unclear exactly what this book would be about. The official novelization of The Force Awakens, which is being written by Alan Dean Foster, is scheduled to be hit bookshelves on Dec. 18, the same day as the movie, and the hardcover version comes out in January.

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It’s possible that this is a new title that ties into the events of The Force Awakens. Perhaps it focuses on one of the three main leads, which would nicely fall into the young adult category.

Jedi Bibliothek goes on to mention a 32-page read-along storybook for The Force Awakens that comes with a CD. That’s slated for March 1. There’s also a 96-page hardcover “storybook” to be released on the same day.

Finally, the site lists two items that have very little information about them. One is listed as an “alien book” that’s 240 pages and goes on sale on March 1. Also listed for the same date is a 208-page hardcover book.

There’s speculation that these last two items may be young adult novels, as their page count fits in with the rest of the specs of the “Journey to The Force Awakens” titles.

Bear in mind that none of these titles has been confirmed by official outlets or Disney. As far as official upcoming books, there’s Star Wars: Aftermath, the first in a new trilogy that will detail events in the universe after the destruction of the Second Death Star; a quartet of junior novels, three of which focus on Han, Luke and Leia respectively; and two reference books about the new movie.

There’s also the comic series Shattered Empire, which will also take place post-Return of the Jedi.

Although we should take these dates with a grain of salt, it’s possible that these new books may be the first content to bridge Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Episode VIII. All of the focus is on Dec. 18, but it’s important to remember that there will be plenty of content to devour after that date happens, especially if you’re a bookworm.

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