Star Wars: Rogue One has begun filming with its..."/> Star Wars: Rogue One has begun filming with its..."/>

REPORT: Star Wars: Rogue One Has Begun Filming


Jason Ward of Making Star Wars has reported that Star Wars: Rogue One has begun filming with its central star, Felicity Jones.

From Making Star Wars:

"“We have spoken to our friends and heard a few details. Felicity Jones has filmed her first scene already.”"

Ward’s source claimed that a lot of trees have been moved onto a set at Pinewood Studios. He or she also described interiors that look like they’re from the Death Star, though they could just as well be from Star Destroyers; Ward’s source was not “100%” sure.

In addition, ships from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, namely Star Destroyers and landers, have been re-purposed for the first Anthology film and have “seen some second-unit shooting.” The  “re-purposing,” also reported by Ward less than a month ago, likely involved ship props and interiors, redesigned to better fit Rogue One‘s era.

All of this fits with what we know and have already seen of Rogue One. The teaser trailer shown at Star Wars Celebration, as well as concept art and rumors, indicate that a jungle planet (possibly Yavin IV) will be an important location in the film. This fits with report that trees are being loaded onto a set (or sets) in Pinewood Studios.

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The “Death Star” interiors and re-furbished Imperial ships fit with the placement of the film in Star Wars canon (at the height of Imperial power in the galaxy), as well as with its dark, war-like plot that will pit resistance fighters against the Empire in a struggle for possession of the Death Star plans. I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot of Imperial commanders and fleets, in addition to whatever the Rebel Alliance has to offer.

With Felicity Jones playing a Rebel soldier, it makes sense for her to be filming on a Yavin IV set or even on the set of a Star Destroyer (if she is caught by the Empire at any point in the film).

With this news, it is possible that soon we will get an announcement from Disney and Lucasfilm that filming on Star Wars: Rogue One has officially begun.

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