RUMOR: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Third Trailer Description


Furious Fanboys has reported a rumored description of a third Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, likely one that would debut at San Diego Comic Con on July 10th or at D23 in August. The description came from a thread on Reddit.

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*SPOILER WARNING* Though we are treating it as a rumor, please keep in mind that there is a possibility that the description below is genuine.

"Snowy landscape. Speeders zoom past.The same military gathering from previous trailer. Kylo Ren walks down landing ramp and in front of legion to chants.Max Von Sydow narrating. Detailing the icy planet, the number of stormtroopers, Captain Phasma, and Kylo Ren and the fact some one is a fugitive.Max Von Sydow talking “And you want to break in?”Rey Finn Han and Chewie. Chewie roars, Han says he tried to talk them out of it.This Christmas.Dogfight over a lake.Finn deflecting lasers with a blue lightsaber.Little orange alien touches Rey’s forehead, massive flash of white light."

"Imperial commander on bridge with Phasma “I want him alive. Do what you want with the girl.”Kylo Ren and that sexy lightsaber.Black and red X Wing shooting blue and white ones.Tie Fighters pursue the Falcon in space.Journey to a galaxy.Rey screams at sight of Phasma.A Star Destroyer plummets towards a snowy planet.Kylo Ren unmasked lifting an officer into the air.Orange alien with Leia looking on in horrorArtoo and Threepio in what looks like a bunker as lasers fly through the air.X Wings shooting down Tie Fighters.Rey acrobatically navigating a mechanical landscape.Kylo Ren observing a river of lava with his back turned to the camera, lightsaber ignited.Far far away.Black.Gravelly voice from first teaser.“They found him”“Who” normal voice.“Skywalker…” Gravelly voice.LUKESTAR WARSTHE FORCE AWAKENS"

This description sounds amazing and, given the rumors of the plot of the movie that we’ve heard from sites like Making Star Wars, I think the trailer it is proposing may legitimately exist and be one we could see in the near future.

The most important things we would learn from this trailer, should it exist, are:

1) Rey, Finn, Han, and Chewbacca are planning to break into a well-guarded First Order base on a dangerous planet,

2) Phasma will be pursuing Finn throughout at least part of the film, and

3) Luke Skywalker has gone missing, as past rumors have already indicated, and his enemies are searching for him.

That last part of the trailer description is especially interesting to me. I think it’s safe to assume that the “gravelly voice” belongs to Supreme Leader Snoke. The “normal voice” may belong to Kylo Ren, or even Domhnall Gleeson’s character (rumored to be a high-ranking officer within the First Order).

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If Snoke is looking for Luke, the question is, “Why?” Does he want to kill him, or something more sinister? Perhaps Luke is keeping some kind of secret safe, be that a secret of the Force; a weapon; or the existence of another powerful Force-sensitive being, maybe in the same manner that Obi Wan Kenobi kept the secret of Luke Skywalker’s Force sensitivity for nineteen years.

If it’s true that various individuals are searching for Luke, I doubt we’ll be seeing much of him until closer to the end of the film. The way this trailer builds up that hype around him makes it seem like finding him will be the underlying end-goal of The Force Awakens heroes (and villains).

There is so much to glean from any one Star Wars trailer, but especially from this one! So many new scenes, so many new thoughts to digest! But, once again, we urge out readers to keep in mind that this description may not be legitimate. That doesn’t mean, however, it’s not right on at least a few points.

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