Star Wars: The Force Awakens Board Games Spotted in Store


With Sept. 4’s Force Friday event rapidly approaching, everyone is giddy with anticipation about what new Star Wars products are about to hit the shelves, ranging from new comic books to the latest toys and memorabilia. That excitement extends even to the retailers putting the merchandise up for sale, and apparently sometimes it can get the better of them, too.

We’ve already mentioned how some cool The Force Awakens watches have been spotted online, but now some new board games associated with the movie are also making an appearance, albeit a bit early. A Facebook user posted to the Star Wars Toys page on the social media site sharing images of a Battleship game and a Monopoly game clearly tied to J.J. Abrams’ film.

Check out the images below:

There are always concerns of false alarms or doctored images, but if these photos aren’t the real thing, it’s hard to tell. You can even see the red mark of the First Order TIE Fighters on the Battleship box art.

The person who took the images didn’t say what store he was at, but it looks like each game costs about $27.99 if you look closely at the white price tags.

Kylo Ren (or, more specifically, his badass facemask) continue to be prominently featured on The Force Awakens merchandise. But what’s more interesting is that Darth Vader is given equal billing on the Monopoly game box cover, once again emphasizing his importance in the new movie as well as his connection to Ren, whatever that may be.

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Another interesting aspect of the box art is that Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader and Finn are at least some of the playable pieces

Meanwhile, these games will likely offer a great way for fans to divine some more information about the post-ROTJ universe ahead of the release of The Force Awakens on Dec. 18. For one thing, the Battleship game will likely include all the new ships as well as the current versions of iconic, old-trilogy spacecraft like the Millennium Falcon.

Plus, the Monopoly game could clue us in to some of the new planets that are featured or will be featured in the sequel trilogy movies.

There will be plenty more leaks no doubt in the days leading up to Force Friday, so stay posted here for more information ahead of Sept. 4.

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