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Empire Magazine Unveils New Image of Kylo Ren


Just when you thought Kylo Ren couldn’t look any more awesome… they release another picture of him.

Earlier today, Empire Magazine Online released an exclusive image of the Knight of Ren as a prelude to their upcoming winter movie preview issue, featuring the heroes and villains of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on two alternate covers.

Emerging into the sunlight out of a deep fog, his crimson broadsaber blade blazing to life through the still photo, the new villain of The Force Awakens is revealed in all his terrifying glory. It is almost as if he himself, much like the Force, is coming to a full awakening in this moment, if only to the awareness of his enemies.

Check out the image below.

Image via empireonline.com

Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)

Ph: David James

©Lucasfilm 2015

The environment Kylo is in looks to be a jungle or a forest. With regard to planets we already know, jungle and forest would fit with Yavin IV and Endor, respectively. In my opinion, Endor is the likelier choice, because of something that was hinted at on the cover of last month’s issue of Empire Magazine. In the top right corner of the cover, the tantalizing headline, “Ewoks v Kylo Ren!” appeared to confirm that not only will we meet the Ewoks again, we will also witness at least a few of them meet the lethal tip of Kylo’s lightsaber.

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To further validate the idea of Kylo Ren attacking Ewoks in The Force Awakens, consider the following point: In the image above, Kylo is looking down as if at a dead body, or a creature shorter than he. Combined with Empire’s previous tease, it is looking more and more likely that an invasion by Kylo Ren into the Ewok homeworld, where he will lay waste to (hopefully not all of) their innocent population, is all but imminent.

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Finally, it was confirmed last year by Lucasfilm that Warwick Davis, who played Wicket in Return of the Jedi, would appear in Star Wars Episode VII. While he certainly doesn’t have to return his original role as an Ewok to play in Star Wars (for example, in The Phantom Menace, he can be seen near Watto amid the crowd watching the podrace), it is an intriguing question: Will he be reprising his role as the lovable Wicket? And if he does, will Wicket be among the Ewoks to meet Kylo Ren’s wrath?

Look for the winter preview issue of Empire Magazine, featuring Star Wars: The Force Awakens, on August 27th.

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