Massive The Force Awakens Premiere At Oscar Night Levels


The massive Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere in Los Angeles is already up to Academy Award levels.

Variety reports the security and space for the premiere of The Force Awakens on December 14th will be up to the standard of a night at the Oscars, with 50 LAPD officers will be patrolling the event. A huge tent, which spans three blocks, has been erected to accommodate the huge crowds. Three theaters, the El Capitan Theater, the Chinese, and a nearby Dolby Theater are all booked to fit all the people attending the premiere.

My good friend Andrew posted pictures of the sprawling tent structure on Instagram. View them below.

Variety reports Disney had to purchase a permit to be able to block off those three streets, which are heavily trafficked. Disney is also paying for the extra police security.

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Not only is the guest list huge, but the fan list is as long as the line to get in. Yes, fans are already camping out for final days leading up to the premiere, waiting for the stars to walk the red carpet as well as public theaters to open. Many of them, however, are there for the experience and the fandom community, rather than just rabid excitement. There’s even a couple planning on having their Star Wars-themed wedding at the TCL Chinese’s forecourt.

One man, Erik Murillo, who has been organizing Star Wars campouts since the premiere of The Phantom Menace in 1999, and his camping crew are there to raise money for a charity organization called The Starlight Children’s Foundation (via Variety).

"“Not many people know, they think that we’re just sitting here camping out for Star Wars, but we decided to do the charity because why not?  Why not raise money and why not raise awareness of this great organization?,” he said, “We decided that it would be a great tradition to camp out for Star Wars, since it’s our favorite film.”"

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As always, Star Wars has proved itself to be a huge event appealing to fans, celebrities, and general audiences alike. Now, we can only hope the newest movie in the franchise lives up to the expectation.