Jedi Council: Have We Seen Too Much The Force Awakens Footage?


With only four days till the premiere of The Force Awakens, the Jedi Council of Dork Side of the Force has convened to discuss a divisive topic: Have we seen too much footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or have we barely scratched the surface?

David: This is absolutely a valid concern for Star Wars fans. And, at one point I was beginning to think that yes, there was just too much of the film being shown in the various teaser trailers and television spots that have been flooding the airways since that third and final trailer aired on ESPN. However, after recently watching the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, I can confidently say that Star Wars fans need not worry.

Without going into great detail, the BvS trailer revealed a major villain that many fans had only guessed would be in the film. Thank the Maker that J.J. Abrams hasn’t done this. We’ve not seen Supreme Leader Snoke, we’ve not see Luke Skywalker, and according to all reports, the footage shown so far, only represents about 1/3 of the films. So…no, Disney/Lucasfilm has not shown too much of The Force Awakens — in my opinion — and with the release of the film coming in less than two weeks, I think it’s safe to say Star Wars fans can now rest easy. We’ve made it.

Elaine: It’s understandable why some fans are concerned about the influx of footage we’ve had recently, what with television spots and international trailers, not to mention the much-anticipated full U.S. trailer released in October. In a day in age when trailers often reveal major plot points  (Batman v. Superman was David’s excellent example of that), it’s natural for people to be wary of what they see.

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It’s important to note, though, that we haven’t really seen anything. The fact is, the amount of new footage we’ve seen only amounts to a fraction of the movie… less than fifteen minutes, perhaps less than ten. In that amount of time, we still haven’t learned the plot of the film; and as David mentioned, we haven’t even seen two of the most important characters. We’ve barely seen Maz Kanata, played by Lupita Nyong’o, even though she’s featured in the theatrical poster alongside the other heroes and villains of the film. And of course, we still have no concrete evidence for who Rey’s family is (though there has been heavy speculation she’s a Solo), or if Kylo Ren is related to anyone we know, or even where Luke is.

There is a school of people who would rather not see any footage before the film’s premiere, choosing instead to allow themselves to be completely surprised by what they see in the theater. And that’s a perfectly good way to build up your own The Force Awakens experience. However, if you’re open to viewing the trailers and promo spots which have already come, rest assured: You won’t be spoiled from them.

Ani: Full disclosure–I am totally pro-spoiler. If you know where Luke is, and why we haven’t seen his face, PM me. If you can tell me what JJ and the Star Wars crew are keeping under wraps, email me. Rey’s last name? I’m here for it! Finn’s last name? Could it be Calrissian? Which of the main character will turn out to be Kylo Ren’s twin? Get in my gchat and start spilling. Furthermore, if you can tell me which fantastic beasts Newt has in his TARDIS like case, if Jon Snow is alive, who the new companion is that the show has cast on Doctor Who and if this is Capaldi’s last season, I’m all ears. I can never have too much information.

Clearly, I come down on the side of Yes please, Spoilers Sweetie! Moreover, I think trying to hide stuff can sometimes backfire. Let us not forget how badly Star Wars‘ frenemy in entertainment, Star Trek, was hurt by JJ Abram’s misfire attempt at pretending the Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t Khan. The first of the reboot movies was a smashing success. But that one choice in the sequel hurt the entire enterprise, as it were. I know that many people are looking at the next installment, Star Trek is Still Treated As a Verb, with more doubt than they might have because of it. Sometimes it’s best to let us know ahead.

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(Though perhaps you shouldn’t shout out the big twist to those waiting in line for the next showing as you walk out. There’s spoilers, and then there’s being a dick.)