UPDATE: Fan With ALS Got A Home Screening of The Force Awakens


A Star Wars fan with ALS can’t attend the theater, and needs a home screening of The Force Awakens.

UPDATE 12/15/15: Nathan saw The Force Awakens!

The original article follows.

Star Wars gives me a goal to reach.” So says Nathan Ashley through the use of a computerized speech program. Ashley can’t speak for long on his own; in fact, he’s practically paralyzed due to his ALS. He can’t even put his favorite movies, the Star Wars saga, in a player.

Watch NBC‘s report about Nathan below.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which premieres in just two days, is the first live action Star Wars film in ten years. Nathan had hoped to see it in the theater, but as his disease got worse, it soon became apparent it just wouldn’t be possible. Nathan’s wife, Kathleen, hopes word of his plight will reach the ears of Disney and Lucasfilm, so that Nathan can get a home screening of the film the day everyone else is going to see it in theaters.

Kathleen was pleased to find out Carrie Fisher had seen the cause on social media and retweeted it. But at the time the video above was published, she hadn’t had any other responses from anyone officially associated with Star Wars.

“If everybody else is talking about it and has seen it, and he’s here and he can’t,” Kathleen said. It’s basically every fan’s worst nightmare.

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If you would like to support Nathan and his cause, please share this story on social media, and let Disney and Lucasfilm know you want him to get his own home screening on December 17th.