The Force Awakens: Rey’s Instant Bread Was A Practical Effect


One of the experts who worked on Rey’s instant bread from the beginning of The Force Awakens says it’s not a CGI effect.

Did you walk out of The Force Awakens and find yourself thinking, “I wish Rey’s instant bread was real”? MTV thought that, so they sat down with the special effects supervisor on the film, Chris Corbould, to discuss how the effect was brought about. His answers were surprising, and somewhat hopeful for that wish you made earlier.

"“Surprisingly that was done practically, although so many people have said to me, ’we thought that was a digital effect!’” Corbould said."

Photo by Annie Leibovitz

The idea, MTV reports, came from J.J. Abrams. Though the sequence only lasted a few seconds (enough time for the powder to set in the water and rise into puffy, bready goodness), it took much, much longer to bring about. And it was all done without the use of CGI.

"“It took about three months,” he added. “The actual mechanics of it was fairly simple, but the actual cosmetic side took a lot longer.”"

Probably just as much goes into the appearance of food as its practicality, and when you’re pioneering an entirely new eatable, the appearance is extra important (and extra time-consuming).

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"“You wouldn’t believe how long it took to actually perfect that one, that little tiny gag in the film,” Corbould said. “It started off with the mechanics of getting the bread to rise and the liquid to disappear, but then there was the ongoing problem of what color should the bread be? What consistency should it be? Should it have cracks in it? Should it not have cracks in it?”"

The biggest question on my mind, however, is not what it looks like, but what it tastes like. Was it yummy, or was Daisy Ridley trying not to gag as she noshed on it outside her AT-AT? I’d be willing to at least try it, though, even if its looks and “mechanics” were the only aspects of the instant bread the special effects crew paid attention to.

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My next question is: When can I buy this?