John Boyega (Finn) Preparing for a Lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode VIII


John Boyega was one of the breakout actors in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As part of his surprise performance, Boyega’s character — Finn — wielded a lightsaber, and according to his Instagram, Boyega may once again be using a lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode VIII… 

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The actors and actresses involved with Star Wars: Episode VIII, are beginning to let the general public in on the excitement of pre-production and filming of the next installment in the sequel trilogy. Even director Rian Johnson is getting in on the fun, as he recently took to Twitter to tease that filming for Episode VIII has begun.

Recently, actor John Boyega — Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens — posted a photo to Instagram that showed him in workout clothes that highly suggests he is once again practicing to pick up a lightsaber for Star Wars: Episode VIII.

As you can see, the Kanji lettering on his hat translates to “Samurai” while the words on his shirts are for an all-star Kendo gym. The gloves he’s wearing are also used in the training of Kendo, so that when one gets whacked on the knuckles, it doesn’t hurt as bad…at first. Back in December of 2015, ESPN ran a piece on the Evolution of the Lightsaber, and the use of Kendo in the training of the actors in the lightsaber battles. Check it out:

The last time we saw Finn, he was being healed on the Resistance base, in a coma, after having been dealt near fatal blows from Kylo Ren in a lightsaber battle.

What do you think, will Finn pick up a lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode VIII? And if so, is does that mean he will be trained as a Jedi? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and on social media.