Star Wars Rebels Recap: Legends of the Lasat


Zeb’s Lasat past and an incredible mythological journey come to light in the stunning 14th episode of Star Wars Rebels season 2.

Zeb Orrelios and the Ghost crew unexpectedly collide with the mysteries of the Force when they rescue two Lasat refugees, one of them an elder, from Imperial clutches. The elder Lasat, a female, prophesies it is Zeb’s destiny to lead them to the Lasat’s fabled new home in a system called Lirasan. To get there, Zeb will have to embrace the beliefs of his people in the spirit of the galaxy, Ashla, and remember his own heritage.

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The Ghost lands at an outpost on a planet with snowbanked landscape similar in aesthetic to Hoth. As the crew disembarks, Hera tells Ezra how proud she is of him for “taking the lead on this mission.” Ezra has received information from a “contact” (whose name he is careful not to divulge, and through a comm unit none of his friends know about yet) that refugees will be arriving on the outpost. He and his comrades plan on rescuing them before the Empire gets to them first.

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Unfortunately, they seem to have arrived too late. As they peer around a corner, they see an Imperial officer and two Stormtroopers are waiting outside a closed bay door. The officer orders the refugees inside to be brought out. As the refugees step into the light, Zeb, who is closest to the corner, is shocked at finding them to be Lasats.

He and the crew quickly intervene and dispatch the Imperials. Then, to his chagrin, the Lasat, an older male and an elderly female, recognize him and identify him as Captain of the Lasat Honor Guard; a secret Zeb has carefully kept hidden from his fellow rebels. The new male Lasat introduces himself as Gron, a warrior who served under Zeb during his captainship. The female Lasat is Chava the Wise, and Zeb is not quite as glad to see her.

Suddenly, Ezra’s contact arrives; it’s Hondo Ohnaka, and he’s happy to see the refugees ended up with the rebels (even though it was he who sold them out to the Imperials in the first place). As usual, Hondo is playing both sides to his advantage, but Ezra still trusts him.

There’s no time to discuss Hondo’s trustworthiness or Zeb’s newly revealed past. The Ghost crew, Lasats in tow, head back through the outpost to where The Ghost is docked. Along the way, Chava the Wise talks about Lirasan, the system prophesied to be the Lasats’ new home after the Empire took over their own world. Zeb doesn’t seem to believe it, or at least he pretends not to.

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But he has more to worry about than hokey old religions. Back by the bay where the Lasats were, Hondo is confronted by a Stormtrooper squad commander who says there was an Imperial transmission for help from this area. Hondo obligingly points them in the direction of the rebels, but only because he wants something out of it in return. (Which totally makes it okay, right? Right.)

Back to the rebels, and they’re being surrounded by Stormtroopers in the corridors of the outpost. A firefight starts, which only draws to a close when Hondo, ever the pirate, once again switches sides and activates key doors in the corridors to shut, separating the Stormtroopers from the rebels and allowing the latter to make their escape. They do, but unfortunately (or fortunately? Naw, Hondo’s too lovable), Hondo is not so lucky this time. The Stormtroopers capture him and report to Agent Kallus, who tells them to bring the pirate aboard his ship so he can lead them after the rebels.

Aboard The Ghost, Chava and Gron want to begin the ceremony which will lead them to Lirasan’s location. With Zeb rolling his eyes in the background, the Ghost crew moves into the common area and Chava begins to draw something in chalk on the floor. She tells them about the Lasat prophecy which comes from Ashla, the spirit of the universe, and which involves three mythical Lasat figures: the Warrior, the Child, and the Fool. The Child, she says, will lead them to Lirasan. Beyond that, she says the Child will one day save the Warrior and the Fool; from what fates, she either doesn’t know or doesn’t elaborate on.

“The Force has many names, Ezra.”

Zeb thinks he’s supposed to be the warrior, but Chava isn’t so sure. She begins the ceremony with Gron, which involves chanting in the Lasat tongue and waving their arms. They encourage Ezra to join in, probably because, as the youngest one in the group, he’s considered the likeliest candidate for the Child in the prophecy. While he’s participating, Ezra notices Zeb leave the common room and go into his room.

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Ezra joins Zeb, and tries to comfort the Lasat as he grapples with the pain of his past. As Captain of the Honor Guard, he was supposed to protect the royal family from being destroyed by the Empire, but he failed. He thinks he’s failed his entire people. But Ezra tells him there’s nothing he could have done against the Imperial regime, and encourages him to help his people now in the search for their new home.

Zeb returns to the common room. Chava and Gron stop chanting, and Chopper projects a holographic map of the known systems. Chava holds the end of her staff, which contains a special stone, in front of Chopper’s projector; the map turns colors from blue to orange, and more planets are revealed. Those, as Kanan points out, are in wild space where no hyperspace lanes have been charted.

At Gron’s encouragement, Zeb takes out his bo rifle and extends it into its original form, the bo staff. He turns on the power and holds it out into the map. Its electrified tendrils extend outward, and one repeatedly points to a specific planet. There, Zeb says, is where they need to go. Instead of being the Warrior, he’s the Child.

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The rebels finally have an idea of where they’re going, but now so does Agent Kallus. Hondo, now in custody aboard his ship, reveals there’s a tracking device inside the transmitter he gave Ezra to keep in contact with him, “just in case.” Kallus and the Imperials are now hot on The Ghost‘s trail.

After some time of traveling through the uncharted reaches of wild space, The Ghost is brought to a sudden by the warning of something blocking their path through hyperspace. They pull out and are awestruck by the sight of an imploded star cluster, a space anomaly. Unfortunately, it lies directly in their path.

Zeb, however, is determined to reach Lirasan. Activating his bo staff once again, he holds it over The Ghost’s controls. Something within its electric power operates The Ghost, priming it for hyperspace once again. As Zeb channels his energy through it, Kanan and Ezra lean their hands against him and pour their own Force power into him. The Force, the Lasat’s Ashla, work through the three and the ship.

Kallus is stunned to see The Ghost take off for the star cluster. He orders TIE fighters out to slow them down, but as they approach, his cruiser begins tearing apart. Convinced the rebels will die, he orders a retreat.

The Ghost, protected by the aura of Ashla working through Zeb’s bo staff, leaps into hyperspace. A rainbow of colors splay around it. When it pulls out, the crew and the Lasat are unconscious. They wake up, and look out the front viewport to see a planet and its moon glowing in the distance. Zeb has led them to Lirasan.

Later, the rebels await Zeb’s return to The Ghost. He has taken The Phantom to Lirasan to drop off Chava and Gron. Ezra wonders if he’ll come back, but then The Phantom‘s familiar shape appears in the space before them. Zeb docks and enters the bridge with the news Chava and Gron are not the only Lasat on Lirasan, as the planet was where the Lasat originally came from.

Though Chopper is somewhat disappointed Zeb is back (meaning, he’ll have to move all of Zeb’s stuff back into his room), the rest of the crew are delighted he’s with them. And now that they’ve charted a course to Lirasan, The Ghost will be able to return to it anytime they want. Zeb hopes he will be able to lead more of his people to the fabled promise land.

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