Watch an All New Clip from Next Week’s Star Wars Rebels Featuring Master Yoda


Next Wednesday, on Star Wars Rebels, the Rebels will stumble upon power which they’ve not yet seen, and with it, some training in the ways of the Force, courtesy of everyone’s favorite backwards talking, green Jedi Grand Master, Yoda…

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Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is rapidly approaching its final episodes, and we know this because next Wednesday, our merry group of adventurers finally start once again clash with the Inquisitors, and in doing so, come across what they believe to be an old and abandoned Jedi temple. Upon exploring the temple, Ahsoka and Ezra do some meditating and discussing of the past (mainly the Clone Wars and Master Yoda/ Anakin Skywalker in particular), and Ezra is transported to a higher point of being to actually talk to Master Yoda. Check out the clip:

I love how Ahsoka has become so wise, in her time away from the Jedi order and temple on Coruscant, and is now able to help Ezra meditate and train the young Jedi. I’m not sure how I like the design of Yoda — in the world of Rebels — as he looks almost human-like. The bend in his body almost allows for him to be taller than he should be…but maybe I’m being too nitpicky. I wonder if this is the episode where Ahsoka faces the specter of Anakin, while Ezra talks to Yoda, because it does appear as if it would make the perfect time for her to do so.

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It appears as if Star Wars Rebels is ramping up the excitement for the final episodes of Season 2, and it all starts with “Shroud of Darkness”, next Wednesday.  Tell us what you think in the comments and on social media. Are you excited to see Master Yoda in next week’s episode? Let us know!