Star Wars: Episode VIII — A New Set Appears


Just when the street facades in the grand old city of Dubrovnik seem to be completed, our friends at MosCroatia have caught wind of a new set being constructed elsewhere in the city, for Star Wars: The Force Awakens…

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The news just keeps coming in from Dubrovnik, Croatia, and let me tell you from experience covering Game of Thrones when they filmed there, as long as the Star Wars: Episode VIII cast and crew are there, there will always be news constantly pouring forth. Today, we’ve got some cool new photos courtesy of our friends from MosCroatia, that depict a new set being constructed:

"“The world these days visited images Star Wars sets in Dubrovnik and this beautiful main street. But the movie will be filmed at several locations. So last night in preparation and this location (These are some new locations for the shooting of the movie Star Wars and Dubrovnik).”"

As you can see, the crew is adding some sort of tubular lighting around the Onofrio Fountain, in Dubrovnik. I’m actually surprised the city is allowing Disney/Lucasfilm to make such adjustments to such an old landmark, but when you bring upwards of $38 million in revenue to the city, then I guess there’s nothing off the table.

According to MosCroatia, there are to be damaged columns and houses, and the monastery in the city of Dubrovnik will stand for these scenes:

"“The new scenery, which probably represent the damaged columns. Two houses in a row, three point, four damaged and eventually the entire column (New scenery that probably represent the damaged columns. There are two houses in a row, three whole columns, four damaged and one whole column at the end).”"

So there you have it, Star Wars: Episode VIII and director Rian Johnson just don’t plan on using the downton city shops as a set, there is to be scenes involving the city’s old fountain, and the old Franciscan monastery will stand-in for some type of building as well. The more and more I see the construction of these sites, the more I am convinced that this planet is the home of Supreme Leader Snoke, and the rumors of filming scenes at night are because this is a planet steeped in the Dark Side of the Force.

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Again, I think this could be a scene toward the end of the film, where Luke and Rey stage a daring rescue of Ben Solo. Perhaps he just can’t be fully given over to the Dark Side and Luke senses it. Snoke and his other apprentice (assumed to be played by Benicio Del Toro) will plan to kill him. Luke and Rey come to this planet to rescue his nephew and Leia’s son.

During the rescue a chase ensues — which also lends credence to the rumors of a chase scene through the streets of Dubrovnik — and then Luke and Rey make good their escape with Ben Solo, on board the Falcon. What better way to end Star Wars: Episode VIII, than with redemption….which if you think about it is the ultimate overarching theme of the Star Wars saga…of course, I could just be trying my hand at some clunky fan-fiction, but you  never know, it could happen.