Daisy Ridley’s “Body Shamer” May Have Been Supporting Her


A blogger claims the meme supposedly body-shaming Daisy Ridley was actually a satire used to support her.

I, Hypocrite wrote a post on his blog calling the media out for shaming the “troll” who shared his meme, which he created to be a satire of the unrealistic expectations some people have of women.

The whole kerfluffle started when Daisy Ridley shared the above meme originally posted by an Instagrammer, who shall remain nameless. Ridley must have thought the meme was meant as criticism of her thin figure, and she defended herself by captioning the meme with the message that women are all shapes and sizes. She also urged her followers to be kind to one another.

Fans and the media responded by sharing Ridley’s message and calling out the Instagrammer, if not in name then in general terms. The hatred was so palpable, Ridley had to make a plea to her followers to stop bullying the alleged bully.

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I, Hypocrite, however, who created the meme as a satirical piece which called out the unrealistic physical expectations place on women, claims that the meme was saved from his site and then shared by the Instagrammer.

Of course, we don’t know for sure that the Instagrammer didn’t mean for the meme to be taken literally; but reports from those who are familiar with her suggest otherwise. Some are saying she was, in fact, a huge fan of Ridley. Her Instagram account is no longer live, which indicates she was so adversely affected by Ridley fans’ reactions that she felt the need to leave social media. If she was, indeed, trying to be supportive of Ridley, this explosive results must have been a huge blow to her self-esteem. We hope she recovers.

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It’s always uncomfortable when there’s conflict within the Star Wars fan community at large, especially when it’s the result of a misunderstanding on the scale of this one. Ridley clearly didn’t mean to hurt anyone, rather, she genuinely thought she was being attacked. The important lessons here are, get both sides of every story before you share it, and don’t bully anyone, not even a person you think deserves it.