Star Wars: Bloodline Propaganda Posters Show Vader’s Shadow On Leia


Propaganda posters inspired by Star Wars: Bloodline show Darth Vader’s shadow on General Leia.

Posters promoting Leia’s campaign for First Senator of the New Republic, inspired by the story of Star Wars: Bloodline, have been vandalized with reminders of her past (via IGN).

The vandalized posters include the words, “Liar” and “Traitor” spray painted in white below Leia’s face. But the most startling of all is the one where Leia’s connection to Darth Vader is clearly realized.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a majority of the public would know about Leia’s relationship to the tyrannical Sith enforcer of the Empire; as evidenced by real world politics, information about their pasts that candidates would rather keep a secret has a way of being discovered. Not only that, but Leia seems like the type of person who would rather come forward about such a sensitive part of her life than keep it a secret from the people of the New Republic, whose trust she must be eager to gain.

It’s also no surprise, then, that her critics would use Vader being her father as an advantage in undermining her reputation. The question is, who is the group defacing her posters? Are they First Order sympathizers, unsavory characters under the pay of her rival politicians, or simply an angry body of citizens determined to keep anything connected with the former Empire out of the new system? Who the defacers are will determine how Leia will move forward to combat this threat to her reputation and her chances of getting elected as First Senator. If it’s the First Order, she may use that as proof that the regime slowly building itself up in the Unknown Regions is a viable threat. If it’s a local group, however, she will have to use diplomacy to try to win over her dissenters instead of physical force (as her father would have done).

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The plot to undermine her election campaign may also provide the crux of the plot for Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray. In Bloodline, Leia must face political turmoil within the New Republic senate as well as the shadows of her family’s past. The two clash neatly, and publicly, on the vandalized poster, with her father’s skull-like helmet masking her own face.