Star Wars: Episode VIII — Dubrovnik Filming Update


Filming in the grand old city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is continuing on at a steady pace for Star Wars: Episode VIII, and thanks to sources from the citizens of the city, as well as visitors chasing the latest scoop, we’ve got the latest filming update, just for you…

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Our first update come courtesy of Making Star Wars‘ source who is on the ground in Dubrovnik. We’ve previously reported that Daisy Ridley would be filming some sort of night chase scenes — for Star Wars: Episode VIII — there, but then the actress refuted those claims, saying she would not be traveling to Croatia. Well, it seems as if MSW has cleared up that confusion, as it appears Ridley’s stunt-double will be in Dubrovnik, doing the heavy lifting, while Ridley will presumably be in Pinewood studios doing the closeup work.

"“Daisy Ridley’s dexterous stunt double Chloe Bruce is confirmed to have departed to Croatia, as some stick-involving battle/fighting scenes”"

MSW’s source goes on to talk about loads more props being brought in, including speeders, and arches for buildings, as well decorated ceilings. Then, they talk about explosions:

"“Accelerating speeder effects, crash noises, bangs, and small explosions were audible from the set during a nocturnal chase sequence rehearsal on Wed., Mar. 9, 2016”"

According to the source, there were divers used off the coast, and an expensive yacht. As to what scenes were filmed in the water, I cannot begin to imagine, but I cannot wait to see what Rian Johnson has planned.

Finally, we have a photo from Croatian website DuList, showing an extremely tall alien “space-horse” for lack of a better description, riding down the streets of Dubrovnik, past the created facades for Star Wars: Episode VIII. What this creature actually is, I could not begin to tell you, but I love the continued use of practical puppet/prop creatures.

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We want to hear from you: Do these updates for Star Wars: Episode VIII get you excited for December 2017? Or, would you rather hear and see more about Rogue One? Let us know you thoughts and opinions in the comments below, and on social media.