Star Wars: Episode VIII Filming Update: Luke in a Casino, Poe takes Charge


After a couple of quiet weeks from the filming sets of Star Wars: Episode VIII, it seems we finally have some filming rumors and leaks to report on, thanks to the tireless work of the various Bothan spies across the internet…

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Our first — and undoubtedly most exciting — piece of Star Wars: Episode VIII filming news, comes from the folks over at Making Star Wars, where Luke Skywalker was spotted visiting a casino and looking for someone (unnamed), possibly on the Dubrovnik set, in Croatia.

  • There is a casino scene where there are lots of different aliens.
  • Luke Skywalker walks around said, casino looking for someone (Again, this person remains unnamed).

This sounds like an extension to the scenes from Dubrovnik — for filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII — that we’ve previously reported on. If so, then it all seems to be making sense, now. These patrons do in fact look to be coming out of a casino.

The interesting part of this report is that Luke is walking around a casino, looking for an as-yet-named person. My thoughts instantly go to Billy Dee Williams’ iconic character — Lando Calrissian. Who else do we know that would be in a Star Wars based casino, that Luke would bother looking for?

Moving on, Star Wars News Net is reporting more on that scene between Laura Dern’s character and Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron:

  • Laura Dern is reportedly a leader of The Resistance.
  • General Leia’s ship is ambushed, and she is blasted through space (Like Vader at the end of A New Hope?).
  • Leia ends up in a coma, and Dern’s character takes over Resistance command, however, she ends up making the situation far worse.
  • Poe sees this and takes control of the situation, becoming the interim leader of The Resistance.

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If Poe is going to take control of the Resistance, and Leia is going to be hurt for most of the film, then rumors of Finn and Poe having some kind of Bromance/Buddy adventure, have been greatly exaggerated. Either way, filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII continues to move along at hyperspeed, and I for one, can’t wait for December 2017…thank the Maker we have Rogue One this year.