Mark Hamill & Kathleen Kennedy Announce New Force For Change Campaign


Mark Hamill actually had dialogue in a video announcing a new Star Wars: Force For Change campaign with Kathleen Kennedy.

The Luke Skywalker actor and Lucasfilm president came together to announce a brand new campaign for Star Wars: Force For Change, a Star Wars-themed charity that sends money to Unicef, the American Red Cross, and other helpful causes.

But perhaps the most epic (and disturbing) thing about the announcement video is how intensely Mark stares at the camera before he remembers he actually has lines.

Over the course of 2015, Kennedy says, Star Wars fans helped to raise over $10 million for Force For Change. Starting today and continuing through May 4th, Disney will match every dollar donated toward the American Red Cross,the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Make A Wish Foundation, and Unicef, up to $1,000,000.

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As an extra incentive to donate to Force For Change (though you don’t need one, it’s a great charity), prizes will be offered every week. And just by participating, Kennedy says, you are entered to win an all expenses paid trip to Ireland. The trip will include a tour of Skellig Michael, the island where the scenes with Rey and Luke in The Force Awakens and Episode VIII were filmed.

Force For Change, in addition to providing a fun way to give back to the community through Star Wars, was a vehicle for special looks at the various sets of The Force Awakens. In videos promoting Force For Change,  J.J. Abrams showed us Babbajo, one of the puppets from the Jakku set, and also gave us our first official look at a blue and white X-wing. Rian Johnson has already been forthcoming with sneak peeks at what’s happening on the set of Episode VIII, but maybe he’ll get in on Force For Change, too, and make us some cool behind the scenes videos.

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If you’d like to donate, you can do so by visiting CrowdRise.