Rogue One: Who is Forest Whitaker Playing


With Thursday’s exciting teaser trailer drop of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, loads of new questions were left on the table about the new cast, the new stormtroopers, weapons and vehicles, and we here at Dork Side OTF have been trying to get to the bottom of each on, as they come…

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When the Disney/Lucasfilm surprised us all and dropped that very first official teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, on Thursday, many characters stood out as mysterious, that let Star Wars fans scratching our collective heads. We’ve looked into that staff wielding badass played by Donnie Yen, tried to answer who Ben Mendelsohn‘s white uniform and cape wearing character is, and even looked into that mysterious hooded figure surrounded by the Imperial Royal Guard, bowing before what appears to be some sort of bacta tank.

But now, we’re going to dissect one character we’ve not yet begun to scratch the surface of, and that’s Forest Whitaker’s character. According to the Rogue One wiki, Whitaker’s character is simply called “Rogue” and he is a cyborg, and a veteran of the Clone Wars. Could Rogue One actually have something to do with Whitaker’s character? Does he have a much larger role to play in the theft of the original Death Star’s plans?

Whitaker has been rather quiet on his role in Rogue One, but when asked about it, he did say Rogue One will be a much darker and grittier version of Star Wars, than we fans have ever seen.

So, from what we’ve seen, here’s what we can gleen from Whitaker’s “Rogue” in Rogue One:

  • He definitely looks like a cyborg. The armoring around his neck and chest suggests he’s been in his fair share of battles and war.
  • He walks with a cane or limp, perhaps the cane is a weapon.

And that my friends, is all we know of the mysterious cyborg known as “Rogue” played by the amazing actor, Forest Whitaker, in Rogue One. Hopefully soon, will update its databanks to include the character files, so we can get some actual intel on these new and very cool looking characters.

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Gareth Edwards looks like he’s got Star Wars well under control, and I simply cannot wait for December to get here. Rogue One is the dark and gritty version of Star Wars that we fans deserve, and it’s about time we got it.