Mark Hamill Poses with Fans & Pours Beer in Irish Pub


After a day of shooting at Skellig Michael for Star Wars: Episode VIII, the legendary Mark Hamill visited an Irish pub for a night that the pub’s patrons are likely to never forget (via The Irish Examiner). Thankfully, there were no bounty hunters or other miscreants to contend with (as far as we know, that is), but there were fans, beer, and good times all around.

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One thing that wasn’t there, though, was Hamill’s beard.

Check out photos of Mark’s pub visit below.

Steve Lynott captured footage of the moment above, in which Hamill helped the bartenders at the pub fill pints behind the counter (you can view this video at The Irish Examiner). From Lynott’s account,

"“He was very generous with his time. Despite getting off the shoot late in the day, he stood for pictures and signed autographs for children and still had to get up early this morning for more filming.”"

Once again, we’re reminded that we love Mark Hamill not just for his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, but for the fact that he’s one of the nicest guys in the galaxy.

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But it wouldn’t be right to pass over this bit of Star Wars-related news without reflecting on the Star Wars part of it. From this pub visit, we learned two things. 1) We have the ultimate confirmation that Mark Hamill is part of the shoot at Skellig Michael, and 2) hashtag Beard Watch appears to have come to an untimely end. According to Lynott, the actor still had more filming to do the next day, meaning he couldn’t have just shaved his beard on a whim. It appears to be a deliberate move for Hamill’s role as Luke in Episode VIII.

Sadly, any implications Mark’s clean-shaven face has for Episode VIII remain to be seen. For now, though, at least he won’t get his beard wet from drinking an Irish pint.

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