Two New Episodes Of Star Wars Rebels To Debut At Celebration Europe


Director Dave Filoni will host a screening of two new episodes of Star Wars Rebels at Star Wars Celebration Europe.

Two new episodes of Star Wars Rebels will be screened at Star Wars Celebration Europe this July. Dave Filoni and “special guests” will be on hand to watch the episodes with fans, as well as share other sneak peeks of what’s to come on season three this fall (via

The second season of Star Wars Rebels left fans with many questions, including how Kanan Jarrus is going to cope with his blindness, how Darth Maul being at large in the galaxy will affect the rebels, and whether or not Ahsoka Tano is alive after her explosive duel with Darth Vader on Malachor. While the answer to the last question will likely remain a mystery, we will certainly catch up with Kanan and all the other members of the Ghost crew, and Maul is likely not far behind. He wants to turn Ezra Bridger to the dark side, so there’s a chance he’ll turn into the padawan’s nemesis in season three.

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Dave Filoni alluded to something big coming to the show, something diehard fans have been wanting for years. There have also been rumblings of the return of a beloved character, this one from a Legends book trilogy by Timothy Zahn. That’s right: Grand Admiral Thrawn may be coming to Star Wars Rebels. The fact Filoni’s statement coincides with the rumor of a popular EU character becoming canon is too tantalizing a possibility to pass up. Hopefully, if Thrawn is coming, we’ll find out at Celebration.

Season three may also see new character designs for Ezra and Sabine, and Filoni confirmed the gun-toting Mandalorian Sabine will become more of a main character (via io9).

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Star Wars Rebels has become a fantastic show, with major feels and moments of awesomeness. Hopefully episodes screened at Celebration Europe will be a promise of the greatness to come in the fall. Check Dork Side July 15th-17th as we keep you updated on the latest Rebels developments from Celebration.