Mark Hamill To Host Pop Culture Reality Series, Travel Around The U.S.


Mark Hamill will host Pop Culture Quest, a reality-style show where the Luke Skywalker actor travels around the U.S. to see the best pop culture collections.

Mark Hamill is taking his fanboy fetish for pop culture collections to the internet with a series called Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest (via Making Star Wars). This reality-style show will show the Luke Skywalker actor traveling across the United States to visit fangirls and fanboys and their incredible collections of pop culture gold. Check out the preview below.

The series will be exclusive to and will premiere this fall.

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There are few fans of any franchise, Star Wars or otherwise, I know who don’t collect something that reminds them of their favorite stories and characters. Lots of Star Wars fans collect action figures, while others choose an even narrower focus. Someone I know collects Ezra Bridger-themed merchandise, and I myself collect the Disney Star Wars-themed Tsum Tsums. I like having a niche, because it means there’s only so much money I can spend on my collection. With new Star Wars Tsum Tsum collections coming out every other month or so (including a The Force Awakens collection this month), it’s easier to limit and spread out my spending.

There are those, however, like Rancho Obi Wan, who like to get their hands on whatever Star Wars-related item they can find, from pencils to cardboard character posters. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark pays them a visit, as they are an obvious choice to highlight for a pop culture collection series (and well, you know, Mark is in Star Wars).

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The collections Mark is interested in aren’t just limited to Star Wars, however. From lunch boxes to Barbie dolls to pinball machines, Mark wants to see it all. If you have an impressive collection you’d like to show off, post pictures of it to Comic Con HQ’s Facebook page, and your house or shed or wherever you keep your collection displayed could be Mark’s next stop.