Star Wars: Episode VIII Shoot To End In July?


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Hamill mentioned he won’t be back stateside till the third week in July because of his shooting schedule.

Mark Hamill’s interview with Entertainment Weekly wasn’t about Star Wars, rather his new show Pop Culture Quest coming to Comic Con HQ this fall. But it’s impossible not to talk a little bit about Star Wars when you’re working on it, and thanks to Mark we know the Episode VIII shoot is continuing into July.

Darren Franich, Mark’s interview, asked the Luke Skywalker actor if he was going to take Pop Culture Quest to San Diego Comic Con next month. The following quote was Mark’s response:

"“It doesn’t look like I’m gonna be able to make it this year, because of the shooting schedule here [in London]. I don’t get back until the third week in July.”"

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We already knew the Episode VIII shoot was nearly finished thanks to director Rian Johnson’s Tumblr post he captioned, “In the home stretch.” “Home stretch” apparently means another month and a half, unless Mark is staying in London a few extra weeks to do photoshoots, press releases, that sort of thing. The photo Rian shared appeared to show a photoshoot set, though, so maybe they’re doing publicity photography and film shots at the same time. It makes sense, with all the actors in one place and their costumes readily available. Regardless, Mark’s part in Episode VIII won’t be done until the third week in July.

In the midst of the intensive filming going on for Episode VIII that results in him getting up at 6 am every morning, Mark is planning a new show called Pop Culture Quest which will take him across the United States in search of the ultimate pop culture collections. He’s going to do a couple of episodes in the UK, he said, and finish the last ten or eleven episodes when he gets back stateside. But right now, his “major obligation” is to Episode VIII.

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For the full interview, head to Entertainment Weekly. Keep checking Dork Side for more updates on Star Wars: Episode VIII and the shoot’s progress.