Is Daisy Ridley Taking Over The Role Of Maz Kanata?


Does Daisy RIdley’s new look mean she’s taking over the role of Maz Kanata in Episode VIII?

No, Lupita Nyong’o is safe as the wrinkly thousand-year-old pirate queen. Daisy Ridley is just rocking a new facial that turned her fingers orange when she put it on. Unless she was able to get it out in time for shooting the next day, she might have had to briefly switch roles to Maz’s tall gangly niece.

Really, though, the facial disaster is just another reminder Daisy is a regular human being like the rest of us, and we love her for it.

Check out the video she posted to her Instagram confessing her embarrassing yet hilarious dilemma.

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In her time on Instagram, Daisy Ridley has become as big a star for her heartfelt (and sometimes hilarious) posts as she has for playing Rey in Star Wars. Her latest and greatest Instagram exploits include telling her fans about her struggles with endometriosis, Episode VIII workout videos, and cute little dances just celebrating life. Someone as bright and sunny as Daisy, who is still wrestling with being a normal person and having worldwide fame, is a delight to follow.

Hopefully Daisy is able to keep up her Instagram and won’t have to close it for fear of spreading spoilers, as she did back when The Force Awakens was still in production. We don’t want secrets, Daisy, we just want to see your lovely and honest face every day.

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To follow Daisy Ridley, head to Instagram and search for @daisyridley. While you’re there, check out John Boyega (@jboyega_), Mark Hamill (@hamillhimself), Carrie Fisher (@carriefisherofficial), and Episode VIII director Rian Johnson (riancjohnson) for some fun peeks at life with Star Wars.