Star Wars: Episode VIII Filming Updates — Beard Watch Begins, Threepio Wraps Filming


As we near the July 22nd filming wrap date for Star Wars: Episode VIII, a few more tidbits of news have begun to pop up in regards to the stars of the film…

Warning: Potential Spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VIII

We start our Star Wars: Episode VIII filming update with a tweet from C-3PO actor, Anthony Daniels stating that he had finished his part with filming.

As you can see, Daniels finished filming scenes for the persnickety human-cyborg relations droid, C-3PO, on July 7. We know, thanks to Luke Skywalker actor, Mark Hamill, that the film will officially wrap on July 22nd, and it appears as if each of the actors are slowly but surely finishing their individual scenes.

Just yesterday, we reported that Finn actor, John Boyega, seems to be finished with his portion of filming in Star Wars: Episode VIII, as he’s been seen on the back lots of Pinewood Studios in London, pretty much goofing around and having loads of fun…out of character. Plus there’s the fact that the caption in his Instagram photo did say “Done!”

Moving on, and by no means should this cause anyone any sort of alarm, but Mark Hamill has shaved his glorious Jedi Master-esque beard…well, sort of.

Redditor darthtate posted a photo of Mark Hamill with his contractually-obligated beard, neatly trimmed, close to his face.

Again, I wouldn’t read too much into this new “The Shavening” and I most certainly wouldn’t start another “Beard Watch” despite what the title says.

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There is still a full year and a half until the worldwide theatrical debut of Star Wars: Episode VIII, so I’d say Hamill has plenty of time to grow-out that beautiful beard of his. And, let’s not even start talking about the time between Episode VIII and IX. Keep calm folks, and use the Force, it’s all going to be okay.