John Boyega May Be Done Filming Star Wars: Episode VIII


John Boyega’s latest Instagram post suggests he may be done filming Star Wars: Episode VIII, almost two weeks before the film’s official wrap date.

Star Wars: Episode VIII officially wraps July 22nd, but from John Boyega’s Instagram it looks like Boyega is already finished with his portion of the initial shoot.

In the above photo, Boyega appears to be on a backlot where all the actors’ and actresses’ trailers are parked. More than likely he’s at Pinewood Studios, where Episode VIII is being filmed, which means his caption of “Done!” and celebratory hop is for wrapping the shoot.

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It may or may not be significant he’s done before Daisy Ridley or Mark Hamill, but it could also mean he has a slightly smaller role in Episode VIII than he did in The Force Awakens. That scenario makes sense, as much of the hype for the film’s shoot has been focused on Luke Skywalker (whom Rey is with at the end and possibly the beginning of The Force Awakens) and the Skellig Michael location. Additionally, The Force Awakens set up Rey as the main character of the sequel, the next generation Anakin or Luke, so to speak. As such, her scenes in Episode VIII are probably more numerous and complex than Finn’s.

On the other hand, there are a plethora of factors which could have led to Boyega’s finishing filming before the official wrap date. Set construction and the availability of other cast members can contribute to when and how fast scenes are shot.

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We’ll keep our readers updated on the state of the Episode VIII shoot as we draw nearer the end of filming on July 22nd.