EA Announces New Offline Mode & Death Star Map For Battlefront


EA announced today a new offline mode for Star Wars: Battlefront will be available this summer, with a Death Star map expansion pack to follow in September.

Ahead of their panel at Star Wars Celebration, Electronic Arts made an announcement today addressing what players of Star Wars: Battlefront can expect from new updates in the near future.

First, EA revealed an offline mode will be available for download on July 20th. Playing offline allows you to battle only against the game itself or a friend on the same console using a split-screen.

Next, the company confirmed the release of a Death Star expansion pack in September. The pack promises new maps, weapons, Star Cards, and two new heroes, “including one larger-than-life character we know you’ve been waiting patiently for,” says EA.

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The “larger-than-life” line in EA’s recent announcement immediately brings to mind two characters: Chewbacca, who on the more literal side of the “large” descriptor, and Yoda if the description was written tongue-in-cheek. The other character is likely a villain, as past expansion packs have included both a villain and a hero.

Adding someone powerful like Yoda to the lineup would make a lot of happy Star Wars fans, but Chewbacca would be fun to pilot around breaking bucketheads. As for the Death Star pack’s villain, two characters who are often associated with the Imperial space station and may therefore make likely contenders are Grand Moff Tarkin and a red Imperial guard.

Who would you like to see as a playable hero or villain in Battlefront? EA made a point in their announcement of the offline mode and the Death Star pack that they are listening to what fans want for the game. If you have a specific request or complaint, put it out there for them to see.

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