The Star Wars Collector’s Panel At San Diego Comic Con Recap


The Star Wars Collector’s Panel at San Diego Comic Con featured figures and replicas of Star Wars props by ARTFX, Gentle Giant, Propshop, and more.

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If you don’t mind paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars for high quality Star Wars collectible figures and prop replicas, the offerings from the Star Wars Collector’s Panel at San Diego Comic Con will get you excited.

Companies like Gentle Giant, known for their incredibly detailed and photorealistic character figures, and newcomers like Propshop, who are hand-making movie-accurate replicas of props from the set of The Force Awakens, revealed the new products they have slated for release later this year. The photos, courtesy of the official Star Wars Twitter page, may make you break your wallet, but your home will be way cooler with even just one of these items on display in it.

First, ARTFX showed off some statues they will be releasing this fall.

Next, Gentle Giant revealed new statues they have in the works of bounty hunters IG-88 and Boba Fett.

This next item from Gentle Giant is simply amazing. I’ve never seen a figure of Vader caught in the throes of Palpatine’s Force lightning.

2017 is several months away, but December is closer. And so is BB-8 bedecked in holiday lights.

Sideshow Collectibles has several Premium Format figures coming out soon, including Bossk, Han Solo in Carbonite, and Jango Fett. They have also recently created a life-size R2-D2, pictured below.

eFX Collectibles is diving into elegant weaponry with film-accurate lightsaber replicas in their Epic Duel series. Each installment in the series includes a pair of lightsaber hilts from an iconic battle in the films.

Propshop has several prop replicas in their catalog: Poe Dameron’s helmet, Darth Vader’s melted helmet from Endor, Rey’s staff, and many others. They have added another item, as well, which was revealed at the Collector’s Panel: the control panel aboard the Millennium Falcon‘s bridge.

Star Wars‘s account of the panel did not include prices. Gentle Giant’s statues settle between $160 and $300 on their website. Sideshow Collectibles’s Star Wars figures go for between $200 and $520, while Propshop‘s price tags on the replicas they currently list on their website inhabit the $1,000-$2,000 range. And if you really want to get extravagant: Sideshow Collectibles’s life size figures go from $2499 for Yoda to $8495 for Boba Fett.

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Some of these items are pretty amazing, and I could see paying the heavy price tags to have them in your home or use them in cosplay. But everyone has their spending limit; mine probably stops right around $50-$100. I’d rather buy a ticket to Star Wars Celebration, which costs about as much as one of the cheaper Gentle Giant statues.

How much are you willing to spend on your fandom?