Daisy Ridley And Adam Driver Win Teen Choice Awards


Daisy Ridley, rocking a new red hair color and short locks, was presented the Teen Choice Award for Breakout Star last night, while Adam Driver won Choice Movie Villain.

Star Wars won big at the Teen Choice Awards last night. Daisy Ridley, rocking a new hairstyle, was presented with the Teen Choice Award for Breakout Star, while Adam Driver won Choice Movie Villain.

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Has anyone ever deserved an award more than Daisy Ridley deserved the Choice Breakout Star award? Rey in The Force Awakens was her first major movie role, and she killed it. Even before J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy chose her, when she was first auditioning, she displayed tremendous acting ability in the way she expressed passion in her voice and her face, the way she shed real tears on cue. She truly is a star, a bright one with a bright future in cinema.

It would almost be a crime and a source of shame if Star Wars didn’t win in the Choice Movie Villain category. Star Wars is famous for its villains, and Kylo Ren is fast rising to the top of the ranks in popularity. Despite being kind of immature and prone to temper tantrums, he’s scary as all get-out, and Adam Driver brilliantly straddled the line between being terrifying and being conflicted, succumbing to the dark while still being pulled by the light. Given how Kylo has more or less chosen which path he will take by killing his father, it will be interesting to see how he has changed by Episode VIII, or if he even has time to with the lack of a time jump between VIII and The Force Awakens.

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Here at Dork Side, we’re always happy to see our favorite films and actors get awarded for their hard work and excellent performances. Congratulations to both Daisy and Adam!