Is Lucasfilm Working On A New Animated Star Wars Show?


Jennifer Muro, a writer known for her work on television, tweeted she has been to Lucasfilm and is working on a new show that is not currently “on the air,” meaning a new Star Wars series may be in the works.

Jennifer Muro, a writer on the children’s animated series Dino Adventures with past experience as an animatic editor for Dora the Explorer, recently tweeted she has been to Lucasfilm to work on a new project not currently “on the air.”

Just because it’s Lucasfilm, doesn’t mean whatever new show Jennifer is working on is Star Wars-related. Lucasfilm handles other properties, too, namely Indiana Jones. But it’s reasonable to assume the project is Star Wars-related, because Star Wars is Disney’s biggest moneymaker right now and Indiana Jones is still a nest egg waiting to hatch.

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If it is a Star Wars project Lucasfilm and Jennifer are working on, what could the show be about? And is it even animated? Given Jennifer’s experience with animated shows, animated seems likely. We might also deduce, since Jennifer’s writing credits include only children’s shows, like Dino Adventures, that whatever show Lucasfilm is cooking up, it’s going to be directed toward younger audiences. It doesn’t seem logical to bring a writer whose experience is with children’s shows in to write a show for teens or adults.

What immediately comes to mind is another show like LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures and Droid Tales which tells tongue-in-cheek stories set in the Star Wars universe. Neither of the LEGO shows, as far as we know, is canon, because their main mission is to provide clean comedic fun both kids and their older family members can enjoy.

Droid Tales was a limited series, so The Freemaker Adventures is the only LEGO Star Wars show currently on television. Still, another LEGO Star Wars show, or at least another show which utilize the same type of humor, may be a little much, considering neither would be canon and both would have the same tone, resulting in monotony.

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There are a hundred different directions Lucasfilm could go with a new animated Star Wars series. They could go serious but still fun, like The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, or silly in an entertaining way like the LEGO shows, or they could take a completely new tack and come up with something we’ve never seen in a Star Wars show before. Hopefully an official announcement will be made soon and will give us something more substantial than tweeted hints to determine the nature of the project.