New Rogue One Trailer Premiering Thursday August 11th On NBC


A new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is premiering Thursday, August 11th on NBC to coincide with the Rio Olympics.

This is not a drill: A television spot on NBC confirms a new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is scheduled to premiere Thursday, August 11th, on NBC (via SWNN). The new trailer is being promoted by the Rio Olympics, which NBC covers.

We’ve talked hopefully about new trailers before; most recently, we thought a new trailer would premiere at Star Wars Celebration Europe, followed by a cable network premiere on ABC during a “Making of The Force Awakens” special. It turned out the alleged “trailer” was a behind the scenes sizzle reel, which, to be honest, showed us more Rogue One footage than we would have gotten from a real trailer.

This time, however, there can be no doubt: a trailer is coming, and it’s coming this week.

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What will the new trailer show? Possibly, it will debut the footage seen only by Star Wars Celebration attendees during the Rogue One panel hosted by Gwendoline Christie. We have a description of the footage, which was short enough to be a teaser, and it featured Jyn Erso and Darth Vader. Perhaps this new trailer, in addition to enough new footage to make it two or three minutes long, will show that SWCO-exclusive teaser to the world.

What I would like to see is more character-focused moments, like the first full length trailer we got a few months ago. Darth Vader would be great to see, but I’m more interested in the new characters at this point. I want to see interactions between the latter and hints about their motivations, get to know how high the stakes really are for their mission to steal the Death Star plans and how those stakes affect them. Ultimately, it’s the characters who drive every Star Wars story, and I want to see them drive Rogue One.

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When we find out what time the new trailer will premiere on NBC, we will post it here on Dork Side. In the meantime, set your sites for Thursday, August 11th.