Star Wars Rebels Season Three To Premiere September 24th


The third season of Star Wars Rebels is premiering September 24th on Disney XD, at a new date and time.

We now know Star Wars Rebels season three is only a little over a month away! This afternoon, Disney and Lucasfilm announced the first episode of the third season of the animated series will debut on Disney XD Saturday, September 24th at 8:30 pm EST. Below is a new 15-second teaser promoting the premiere.

The Saturday at 8:30 pm EST date and time is Star Wars Rebels‘s new slot on cable network, a move from season two’s Sunday slot.

Season three of Star Wars Rebels promises to be the darkest, most intriguing one yet. The rebels have grown physically, but they have also grown more dangerous, to themselves and to the Empire. Ezra is all grown up and waving around a new green-bladed lightsaber with impressive skill for an informally trained Padawan; his Jedi master, Kanan, now wears a mask over his eyes after having been blinded by Darth Maul’s own searing crimson lightsaber; and Sabine, new hairstyle on point, is fighting fellow Mandalorians and wielding the darksaber, created ages ago by her people to fight the Jedi. And we don’t even know what changes are yet in store for Hera, Zeb, and Chopper.

But the heroes are not the only ones who have changed. The Empire has, too, in that they have recruited a new yet familiar face to destroy the rebels from Lothal once and for all.

Watch the full trailer for Star Wars Rebels season three below.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Maul, Grand Moff Tarkin, Governor Pryce, Hondo Ohnaka – and who knows who else will show up later on in the season – make for a most impressive guest list. But it’s how these individuals will affect the rebels which most interests us here at Dork Side. For instance, Darth Maul is still trying to recruit Ezra as his apprentice. Will Ezra succumb to the dark side, or will he prevail over his inner demons? And Kanan is going to encounter a strange embodiment of the Force known as Bendu, (voiced by the Fourth Doctor himself, Tom Baker) the middle ground between the dark and the light. What will Bendu tell Kanan? How will his and Ezra’s choices affect their friends?

What will be the fate of all the rebels this season?

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We will begin to find out September 24th.