Kylo Ren Reacts To The New Rogue One Trailer


The Auralnauts made a video of Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens reacting to the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Ever wonder what Kylo Ren would think of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the new standalone Star Wars film featuring Kylo’s grandfather in a cameo role? Even if you haven’t, you will always want Kylo’s reaction to everything after watching him react to the new Rogue One trailer (via /Film).

Sadly, it is not the official Kylo Ren actor, Adam Driver, you hear speaking from underneath the mask. And, as you probably noticed, all the footage of Kylo from the reaction video is from The Force Awakens. But the voice is enough like Kylo’s to help you imagine it is the real thing. The footage from the movie, moreover, is repeated but with added special effects (like the giant television in Kylo’s room) and dialogue to cure the monotony.

My favorite parts of his reaction are his comments about Chirrut Imwe, the “guy with the stick.” His deprecating tone is kind of ironic, because Kylo was defeated in The Force Awakens by someone who prior to their battle had only wielded a staff. I also love his laugh when Baze Malgus hits the AT-ACT with his rocket launcher. In this video, at least, Kylo is totally sold on the idea that Imperial and First Order technology cannot be taken down by the simple efforts of rebel scum (clearly he hasn’t seen A New Hope).

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The best part is when Kylo recognizes Darth Vader at the end of the trailer. He wonders who is cosplaying as his grandfather and then says, “It’s Hayden, isn’t it?” He’s wrong, it’s not Hayden Christensen. If that portion of the reaction wasn’t about Kylo Ren being an emo Vader worshipper, I would probably shake my head at the fact that the prequels are once again the fallback punchline. But, then, this video is meant to be joke, and it’s poking fun at Kylo more than anyone else, so I won’t take it too seriously.

The geniuses behind this great work are the Auralnauts from YouTube. The trailer reaction video is not their first foray into Kylo Ren’s secret fanboy life, however. In April, they uploaded a video imagining what Kylo’s outtakes in The Force Awakens would have been like. Check it out below.

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The Skywalkers, with the exception of Leia, are all emotional drama queens at some point in their lives. Their passionate outcries and expressions are what makes them so endearing, and so vulnerable to jokes. It’s good to see Kylo Ren following in his grandfather’s and uncle’s footsteps.