New Marvel Star Wars Comicbook Series In The Works


A new, as-yet unannounced Marvel Star Wars comicbook series is in the works, per Marvel comic editor Heather Antos.

With Marvel’s ongoing Darth Vader comicbook series and Han Solo miniseries scheduled to end this fall, it was only a matter of time before a new Marvel Star Wars comic was announced. The announcement wasn’t official, but Marvel comic editor Heather Antos teased a new series in the works yesterday on Twitter.

Antos later tweeted she had found a “KICK ASS” cover artist for the “unannounced Star Wars project.”

Even with so little to go on, there is one thing we can confirm about this new comic thanks to Antos’s first tweet: the comic will be a series, not a one-off. Marvel has produced Star Wars standalone comics before, like the single-issue story about how C-3PO acquired his red arm, and the single issues detailing Ben Kenobi’s adventures in exile on Tatooine, couched in the official ongoing Marvel Star Wars comic series. But since the series Antos is referring to in her tweets has a second issue, we can safely assume the comic is either a five or six-issue miniseries or an ongoing one.

via Marvel

via Marvel

Determining what the series is about, however, drifts us entirely into speculation territory. My theory is based on a tiny clue which could easily prove to be moot, but it’s a place to start.

My theory originated in an episode of the new YouTube series produced by Lucasfilm, The Star Wars After Show. As part of the roundtable discussion among Lucasfilm employees of what they want to see in future Star Wars comics, Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin said he wants to see a comic series about the normal people in the Star Wars galaxy, who are not involved with any of the major wars, like the Clone War or the Galactic Civil War. He said he would also like to see a noir-style comic, with detectives and mysteries.

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So when Comics With Kenobi of Twitter asked if Martin was stoked about the new comic series Antos tweeted about, and Martin replied, “It totally is,” I began to wonder if said series is about anything Martin talked about wanting to see. A comic with totally new characters who are just simple people making their way through the universe, while all the heroic stuff is going on in the background, would give fans a fascinating glimpse into how the majority of the galaxy lives. On the other hand, noir – a crime genre known for intrigue, anti-heroes, and femme fatales – is something Star Wars pulled off well in Attack of the Clones and The Clone Wars television series. A Star Wars mystery would translate equally well into the comic medium, where the right artistry could make the monochromatic, elegant aesthetic of noir come to life.

As I said, though, the clue is tiny and may not bear any significance. Martin would probably be stoked for just about any new Star Wars comic, as would we all. But what with how excited he and Antos sound on Twitter about it, I think we can expect something great from the Marvel Star Wars franchise within the next few months.

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What story or characters would you like to see be the focus of a new Star Wars comic? Tell us in the comments below.