Terminally Ill Star Wars Fan Wants To See Rogue One Before He Dies


The nurse for a terminally ill patient in hospice care is spreading the hashtag #rogueonewish in a campaign to get her patient an early screening of Rogue One.

Amy Duncan is the nurse for Neil Hanvey, a dying patient in hospice care who also happens to be a huge Star Wars fan. Neil is now experiencing every Star Wars fan’s biggest nightmare: unless a miracle happens, he won’t live to see Rogue One premiere in theaters in December (via Evesham Journal).

via Evesham Journal

In April, Neil was told he only had six to eight months to live. That meant The Force Awakens would be the last new Star Wars movie he got to see. Having seen the new trailer for Rogue One having just come out last week, knowing Neil won’t be able to go to theaters to see this amazing movie come together it is a hard fact to swallow.

But Amy Duncan has a plan to remedy that. In a social media campaign called Rogue One Wish, Amy is asking Lucasfilm to give Neil an early screening of Rogue One before he passes away.

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Lucasfilm is no stranger to giving out early screenings. They realize how much fans love Star Wars, and how, even if they are unable to leave their beds for illness, they still want to experience the new era of Star Wars movies. One example of a Star Wars fan who was given an early screening in anticipation of his death is 32-year-old Daniel Fleetwood. After lots of support on the internet, Daniel got to see an early screening of The Force Awakens before he succumbed to cancer shortly afterwards (via NBC).

Now, you can help Neil get the same opportunity by using the hashtag #rogueonewish on social media. Let Disney and Lucasfilm know we want Neil to get his wish and see Rogue One before he passes away. We would, after all, want the same for ourselves in a similar situation.

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May the Force be with you, Neil! May it also be with Andrea, Neil’s wife, and Amy, the nurse who is working hard to make Neil’s wish come true.