EA Announces Three-Phase Battle Station Mode For Star Wars: Battlefront


Electronic Arts announced that a new three-phase gameplay mode called Battle Station will be included in Star Wars: Battlefront’s upcoming Death Star expansion pack.

Electronic Arts has good news for Star Wars: Battlefront players who enjoy in-game campaigns.

At Gamescom in Germany this week, Electronic Arts announced a new gameplay mode called Battle Station will be a part of Battlefront’s upcoming Death Star DLC expansion pack. Battle Station features three phases through which Rebel Alliance players can take down the Death Star, and Imperial players protect it.

The new mode sounds similar to a campaign, in that it requires the gamer to play through a series of missions with an overarching goal.

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In the first phase, players’ goal is to fly X-wings and A-wings against TIEs and TIE Interceptors, destroying enough of them so the defenses of the Star Destroyer they guard are weakened. Y-wings will then enter and finish the Star Destroyer off. Players can also pilot Imperial ships to defend the Star Destroyer.

The second phase moves players to the interior of the Death Star. Players’ objective aboard the space station is to extract a “priority droid.” During this face, players may play as Chewbacca or Bossk, the two new characters being introduced to the Battlefront Heroes roster in the Death Star expansion pack.

The third phase takes the fight back out to space for the battle to destroy the Death Star. Rebel players can choose to pilot Luke Skywalker’s X-wing with Luke in the cockpit. Darth Vader and his TIE fighter unit will be in hot pursuit close behind. EA did not say if players could choose to fly on the side of the Empire in this phase.

Many fans were disappointed by the lack of a campaign mode in the original release of Battlefront in 2015. It looks like EA is paying attention to those fans’ complaints by releasing campaign-style phases like those in Battle Station mode.

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The Death Star expansion pack will be available sometime this September.