Empire Magazine Reveals Exclusive Rogue One Covers


Empire has revealed two exclusive Rogue One: A Star Wars Story-themed covers for their magazine’s special Rogue One-edition issue, coming August 25th.

Empire Magazine is launching a special coverage of the first official live-action Star Wars standalone film with a Rogue One-themed issue. In anticipation of the issue’s release next week on August 25th, Empire has revealed two alternate covers featuring the film’s cast members.

The first cover features the main heroes of Rogue One. From left to right: Chirrut Imwe, K-2SO, Baze Malgus, Jyn Erso, Captain Cassian Andor, and Bodhi Rook.

via Empire Online

The second cover lets the villains of Rogue One take front and center. Facing the reader is the fashionably dressed Director Orson Krennic. Flanking him are the deathtroopers, a class of stormtroopers new to Star Wars canon.

via Empire Online

Subscribers to Empire Magazine will receive an exclusive edition of the issue with a third cover, which will be revealed on Monday.

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Empire promises the issue will be packed behind the scenes goods, like interviews with director Gareth Edwards and the cast. Empire will also take an “in-depth look” at one of the aliens being introduced in Rogue One, Bistan. Or, as he is more affectionately known on the internet, “Space Monkey.”

It’s always exciting when the approach to new Star Wars movies picks up speed. News outlets like Entertainment Weekly and Empire give us access behind the scenes. New information about the movie’s plot, characters, and planets is revealed. Soon, Rogue One-themed merchandise will hit store shelves. And we will probably get another trailer, or at least a bevy of television spots as the premiere in December draws closer.

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We will continue to bring you the latest Star Wars news from wherever it originates. Stay tuned for Empire’s Rogue One coverage next week, which we will have for you right here.